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Undergraduate and Graduate Program CIP Codes

Undergraduate Academic Programs

College Dept. Majors Degree(s) CIP Code
COB BUS Accounting B.B.A. 52.0301
CFA ART Art B.A., B.S. 50.0701
CFA ART Art B.F.A. 50.0701
CAS BCHM Biology B.S. 26.0101
CAS BCHM Chemistry B.S. 40.0501
CFA COMM Communication Studies B.A., B.S. 23.1304
COB BUS Computer Infomatics BS 11.0104
COE TLT Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing B.S. 51.0202
COE TLT Elementary Education B.A., B.S. 13.1202
CAS ENFL English B.A. 23.0101
CAS BSS Environmental Studies B.A., B.S. 03.0103
COE HHS Exercise and Nutrition Science B.S. 31.0505
COE HHS Family and Consumer Sciences B.A., B.S. 19.0101
COB BUS Finance B.B.A. 52.0801
CAS ENFL World Languages B.A. 16.0101
CAS BSS History B.A., B.S. 54.0101
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A., B.S. 30.9999
COB BUS Management B.B.A. 52.0201
COB BUS Marketing B.B.A. 52.1401
CFA COMM Mass Communication B.A., B.S. 09.0701
CAS BCHM Mathematics B.A., B.S. 27.0101
CFA MUS Music B.A. 50.0901
CFA MUS Music B.M. 50.0901
CAS BSS Political Science B.A., B.S. 45.1001
CAS BSS Psychology B.A., B.S. 42.0101
CAS BSS Social Science B.A., B.S. 45.0101
CAS BSS Social Work B.A., B.S. 44.0701
CAS BSS Sociology B.A., B.S. 45.1101
CAS CSD Speech-Language Pathology B.S. 51.0203
CFA THEA Theatre B.A., B.S. 50.0501
CFA THEA Theatre B.F.A. 50.0501

Graduate Academic Programs

College Dept. Majors Degree(s) CIP Code
COB BUS Business M.B.A. 52.0201
COE TLT Collaborative (Special) Education K-6 M.Ed. 13.1202
COE TLT Collaborative (Special) Education 6-12 M.Ed. 13.1205
COE TLT Counseling and Guidance M.Ed. 13.1101
COE TLT Elementary Education M.Ed. 13.1202
CAS ENFL English M.A. 23.0101
COE TLT Instructional Leadership M.Ed., Ed.S. 13.0401
COE TLT Instructional Technology Ed.S. 13.0501
COE TLT Preschool to High School Education M.Ed. 13.1205
COE TLT Secondary Education M.Ed. 13.1205
CAS CSD Speech-Language Pathology M.S. 51.0203
COE TLT Teacher Leadership Ed.S. 13.0101