Program & Degree Resources

Undergraduate Academic Programs and Degree Plans

College of Arts & Sciences

Department and/or Program Degree Plan
Biology B.S.
Chemistry B.S.
– Biochemistry Concentration B.S.
– ACS Certified B.S.
Computer Science B.A./B.S.
English B.A.
Environmental Studies B.A./B.S.
World Languages
– French B.A.
– Spanish B.A.
General Studies (Undecided) Non-Degree
History B.A./B.S.
Mathematics B.A./B.S.
– Dual Degree Engineering
– – University of Alabama B.S.
– – University of Alabama at Birmingham B.S.
– – University of Alabama in Huntsville B.S.
Political Science B.A./B.S.
Psychology B.A./B.S.
Social Science B.A./B.S.
Social Work B.A./B.S.
Sociology B.A./B.S.
– Criminology Concentration B.A./B.S.
Speech-Language Pathology B.S.

Michael E. Stephens College of Business

Department and/or Program Degree Plan
Accounting BBA, BBA/MBA
Data Analytics B.S.
Finance BBA
– Financial Sales BBA
– Sustainable Finance BBA
Management BBA
– Human Resources BBA
– International Management BBA
Marketing BBA
– Advertising BBA
– Digital Marketing BBA
– Sales Management BBA

College of Education and Human Development

Department and/or Program Degree Plan
Early Childhood Education B.S.
Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing B.S.
Elementary Education B.A./B.S.
Elementary Education/Collaborative B.A./B.S.
Exercise and Nutrition Science
– Allied Health B.S.
– Health Promotion B.S.
– Nutrition and Wellness B.S.
– Strength and Conditioning B.S.
Family and Consumer Sciences B.A./B.S.
– Family and Consumer Sciences Education B.A./B.S.
– Hospitality and Tourism B.A./B.S.
– Human Development and Family Studies B.A./B.S.
– Retail Merchandising B.A./B.S.

College of Fine Arts

Department and/or Program Degree Plan
Art B.A./B.S.
– Ceramics BFA
– Drawing BFA
– Graphic Design BFA
– New Media BFA
– Painting BFA
– Photography BFA
– Printmaking BFA
– Sculpture BFA
Communication Studies B.A./B.S.
Mass Communication
– Broadcast Production B.A./B.S.
– Multimedia Journalism B.A./B.S.
Music B.A.
– Choral with P-12 Teacher Certification B.M.
– Instrumental with P-12 Teacher Certification B.M.
– Instrumental Performance B.M.
– Piano Performance B.M.
– Voice Performance B.M.
Theatre B.A./B.S.
– Acting BFA
– Design and Technology BFA
– Musical Theatre BFA