FERPA and Records Retention

Record Release Authorization Form

Under the provisions of FERPA, information from a student’s education record may be disclosed by the University of Montevallo to a parent, guardian, or other individual if the student submits a signed Records Release Authorization form to the Registrar’s Office, located on the second floor of Palmer Hall or click on the FERPA Release Form button below. Submission of this form constitutes written consent to release such information to whomever the student designates. The University will honor the authorization until and unless otherwise redacted by the student via signed notification submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

FERPA Release Form

Proof of Tax Dependency

In the absence of a signed Records Release Authorization form submitted by the student, the University of Montevallo may disclose information from a student’s education record if that student’s parent or legal guardian provides a notarized copy of their tax return for the most recent tax year showing that the student is claimed as a dependent. To request disclosure of information from the student’s education record, the parent or guardian must provide a written request citing the desired information accompanied by a copy of the notarized tax return to the Registrar’s Office. For privacy reasons, a parent may redact sensitive information from the tax return not related to proof of tax dependency.

Please note that the submission of the signed Records Release Authorization by the student or a tax return for dependency verification by a parent or guardian does not automatically compel the University to release confidential information from a student’s education record. University officials reserve the right in these cases to prevent disclosure of such information to any individual other than the student.