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Registrar's Office

Create your UM Password - to access UM Email and Canvas

Create your UM Password – to access UM Email and Canvas

To begin, visit the University of Montevallo Password Management site here. Now proceed through the following steps:

  • Select “I don’t know my current password or I am a new student or employee.”
  • Complete the required fields. Note the password requirements below.
    • Enter your UM Login Username (ex. – smithj is the username).
    • Enter your UMID – use a capital ‘M’.
  • After submitting Reset Password a message to “close the browser” will appear.
  • Use to access your UM Email and Canvas – Links located in the bottom links of

Password Requirements

UM Network Passwords must conform to the following standards:

  • Passwords must be at least eight (8) characters long
  • New passwords should not be similar to old passwords
  • Your password may not contain your username
  • Passwords must contain characters from at least three (3) of the following four (4)categories:
    • Uppercase Letters (A – Z)
    • Lowercase Letters (a – z)
    • Numerals (0 – 9)
    • Special Characters (for example: !#%) Do not use @ in your password!!!