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Diversity and Inclusion

Workshops and Training

The following workshops/trainings will be offered throughout the year. Please check our calendar for upcoming sessions.

Diversity 101

What does diversity even mean, and why does it matter? This workshop will discuss the meaning of diversity and explore the multiple diversities that exist. Participants will also identify the relevance of their own cultural identities and leave with an enhanced understanding of how to embrace diversity in order to work more effectively across difference. (50 minutes)

Exploring Diversity

Specifically designed for Student Organizations, Exploring Diversity provides the opportunity for student leaders to articulate a clear understanding of diversity, culture and inclusion. This workshop offers a platform for students to learn about their own identities, the cultural identities of others, and tools to assist in creating a more inclusive campus community. (75 minutes)

Power & Privilege

This workshop explores dynamics of power and privilege, its effect on others and society, and ways we can change our behavior in becoming better allies to alleviate barriers. (50 minutes)

LGBT+ Awareness

In an effort to increase awareness for the LGBT+ community, this workshop educates students, faculty and staff on terminology, pronouns, heterosexual privilege and inclusive practices in support of the LGBT+ community. (75 minutes)

Inclusive Language

This workshop will focus on why language is important and how the words we use affect our perceptions and can sometimes influence our environment. (50 minutes)

Safe Zone

The Safe Zone program aims to increase awareness, knowledge, and sensitivity about important issues affecting LGBT+ students, faculty, and staff to foster a safe, welcoming climate at the University of Montevallo. Our guiding assumptions are that all learning and work environments should be safe and free of sex- and gender-based discrimination, prejudice, and harassment; further, the environment should be one in which every student and employee is free to thrive on an academic, professional, and personal level based on respect and dignity. We believe it possible to adhere to individual moral and ethical perspectives and religious beliefs while behaving respectfully to all people. For more information about this particular training, please contact Safe Zone directly.

If you have a request for a workshop or training session that is not included above, please use the following link to make your request. Please note that all special requests must be made at least three weeks before your preferred training date to give us enough time to create quality training materials that meet the needs of your audience.

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If you have already attended one of the workshops/trainings facilitated through us, we would appreciate your feedback. Please use the following link to complete an evaluation form on the workshop/training that you attended.

Workshop/Training Evaluations

In order to fully achieve our goal of creating a welcoming environment for everyone, it is important that we work together to provide programming that focuses on diversity, inclusivity and equity. If you are interested in volunteering to facilitate a workshop/training, participate on a panel discussion or serve in any way, please complete the form at the following link. Information collected in this form will be referred to throughout the year to provide continuous access to programming that helps us achieve our goal of engaging the entire campus community in our pursuit of inclusive excellence.

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