Letter from Inaugural MADE Class

MADE graduating class of 2023

When we arrived at UM two days earlier than other freshmen for our first Early Orientation, we didn’t know what to expect. As the inaugural class of the Montevallo MADE program, and with most of us leaving home for the first time, we were all incredibly nervous to meet each other. Reflecting back now, we could not imagine what this experience would have been like without each other and the MADE program. This program would become family, community, identity and a source of comfort and confidence for us as we all navigated our new beginnings. As the years passed, we were able to witness our program blossom into the beautiful imagery created by the many names, faces and voices that represent MADE today. The last four years were nothing short of remarkable. As a group, we endured all the demands of being a college student as well as all the unexpected obstacles, including a pandemic. At every turn, whether wrong or right, our MADE family was always there next to us. As we move on to our next chapter, we hope for the same experience for you. We hope you will continue this legacy that is specifically unique to our campus and the welcoming culture UM has built. More importantly, we hope you experience the passion and care that those in MADE will have for you. We hope you experience the encouragement, support and individualized mentorship provided by our faculty and staff. We hope you take in and treasure every moment created during your time here and know that you are a part of something truly special. Welcome to the UM and MADE family. We believe you are right where are you supposed to be and that you are on the path to exactly where you want to go.

MADE Ambassadors

Allison Palacios ’23

Elijah Wilson ’23