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Student Achievement

Job Placement Rates

Job Placement Rates

Several professional programs track job placement rates for students as they graduate.

Communication Science and Disorders-Speech Language Pathology (SLP) 

  • Threshold – Below 80%
    • (Mandated by the discipline specific accrediting body, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA))
  • Goal – 80% employment within 6 months of graduation
    • Aligned with the ASHA requirement that the 3 year average for the number of students employed (or pursing further education) within one year of graduation be at 80%.
  • Actual: The SLP program boasts a 100% employment of graduates from the M.S. SLP program. The Speech Language Pathology website displays various student learning outcome information.

Counseling Program

  • Threshold –
  • Goal -80% Clinical Mental Health Counselors/Couples and Family Counselors and 78%  Counselors employment within 6 months of graduation
    • The goal is to meet or exceed the yearly average placement rate for CACREP programs in Alabama which was at 80% in 2016-2017 for Clinical Mental Health Counselors/Couples and Family Counselors and 78% for School Counselors.
  • Actual: The Counseling Program reports that 93% of Mental Health Counselor graduate are employed in the field; 100% of Couples and Family Counseling graduates seeking employment are employed in the field; and 82% of School Counseling graduates are employed in the field. The Counseling Program website displays various student learning outcome information.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

  • Threshold –
  • Goal – 80% employment within 6 months of graduation
  • Actual: The MBA program surveyed 73 of 77 graduates from the graduating classes of 2010-2015. Of the graduates, 67 (92% percent) report being employed in a field related to the MBA.

The MBA program sets a goal that no less than 80% of MBA graduates be employed in an area directly related to the field within six months of graduation. Employment in a related field should be an option for any MBA graduate in a normal economic period. However, some MBA graduates choose a doctoral degree program or some other graduate degree program while others choose non-business employment; thus 80% is considered a reasonable standard.

Social Work Program

  • Threshold –
  • Goal –
  • Actual: The Social Work Program reports that approximately 60% of their graduates are employed immediately following graduation and 40% continue on to a graduate degree program. In order to facilitate student employment post graduate, the program maintains a virtual job board pushed out to the alumni listserve. The program informally tracks employment and graduate school enrollment rates via long-term contact with graduates.

Threshold and Rationale

While the Social Work program’s accrediting body (Council on Social Work Education) does not set expectations for job placement and graduate enrollment, programmatically these are both priorities with a goal of 100% employment or graduate school enrollment for all immediate graduates.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, the Social Work Program graduated 27 students. Nine of those students were accepted into graduate programs in social work. Nine of the students were immediately hired into child welfare practice, 2 were hired into positions working with senior adults, 2 are working with families who have survived domestic abuse, 1 has relocated abroad for a year and 4 have not reported their current employment status.

Graduating Seniors Self-Report of Career Plans–National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

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