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Office of the Assistant Provost

Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) Development

UM Quality Enhancement Plan Topic Selection Team
Sherry Ford, Chair CFA (COMM)
Houston Byrd CAS faculty (BCM)
Kevin Hope CAS faculty (BCM)
Ashley Wurzbacher CAS faculty (ENFL)
Clark Hultquist CAS faculty (BSS)
Linda Murdock CAS faculty (CSD)
Emily Gill CFA (ART)
Melanie Williams CFA (MUS)
Tom Sanders COB faculty
DeAnna Smith COB faculty
JiJi Davis  COE faculty (TLT)
Shawn Mitchell COE faculty (EXNS)
Laura Bloom COE faculty (FCS)
Kathy Lowe Library Faculty
Courtney Bentley Dean, COE
Scott Varagona UCSC Committee Member
Tiffany Bunt Public Relations
Qshequilla Mitchell McNairs Scholars Program, Director
Audrey Crawford Admissions, Director
Heather Ammons Falcon Success Center, Senior Director
Mary Ellen Heuton Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer
Tammi Dahle Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Dean of Student Affairs
Kristen Gilbert Assistant Provost/SAL
Bria Owens SGA Representative
Donovan Cleckley Student