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Progression to Profession (P2P)

Progression to Profession (P2P)

Progression to Profession is the University’s current Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The focus of P2P is Career Planning. UM wants to do all we can to ensure students graduate prepared for graduate school or a career. The Progression to Profession QEP was named by by marketing major Jodi Martin. P2P is focused on students’ career planning and preparation efforts with a customized emphasis on those tasks that are essential within each academic program.

Through a systematic and enhanced partnership with the Career Development Center (CDC), advisors, and program faculty, students will identify career aspirations, craft and refine career plans, and create professional artifacts to be kept in digital portfolios for use in preparation for graduate school and/or career applications. The P2P five-year implementation plan emphasizes the importance of early and sustained career planning through a University-wide commitment to improve students’ overall career readiness.

Goal and Outcomes

Goal: Students will increase engagement in career management.
  • SLO 1: Students will describe a relevant pathway to a chosen profession.
    • The result of this outcome will be for students to set career goals, identify potential careers, make salary projections, identify educational requirements, and develop strategies to reach their goals.
  • SLO 2: Students will revise and refine their career plan.
    • The result of this outcome will be for students to reflect on strengths, skills, and progress toward goals in order to revise plans and goal achievement strategies effectively.
  • SLO 3: Students will create the appropriate artifacts for chosen profession.
    • The result of this outcome will be for students to identify the materials required for the interview process in their disciplines and create materials that positively showcase their attributes (e.g. resume, media, online presence, and portfolio).

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