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Technology Advisory Council

TAC Membership

Kathy Adams, Staff co-chair

Information Services & Technology

 Jay Cofield, Faculty co-chair

College of Fine Arts

Mary Beth Armstrong

Deans’ Council

Deborah Braswell

Disability Support Services

Audrey Crawford


Amanda Fox

Registrar’s Office

Chris Gaskill

College of Arts & Sciences

Craig Gray

Chief Information Officer

Cate Guenther

Library Faculty

Victoria Long

Senior Project Manager, IS&T

Dawn Makofski


Kris Mascetti

Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment

Delila Mathews

Faculty Senate Representative

Tim Nash

Physical Plant

BJ Posey


Jennifer Ray

College of Education

Tracy Rockco

Advancement/Alumni Affairs

Doug Smith

College of Business

Kira Thomas

University Relations

Heather Tinsley

Malone Center for Excellence in Teaching

Cage Williamson


Karen Willingham

Student Affairs