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Software Purchase and Download

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All software purchases, both new and renewals, including web-based software and/or downloads regardless of funding source must be approved through the software request form to ensure that state and federal requirements as well as security guidelines are met. This includes freeware and website subscriptions.

Software approval is a two-part process. ADA compliance and security requirements are reviewed by Information Services & Technology (IS&T). Business Affairs reviews terms and conditions, licensing agreement or contract and/or any addendums.

All contracts must be approved and signed by the CFO/Treasurer. The CFO/Treasurer is the only Board of Trustee approved signer for the University. Please note that requests for software can take 4 to 6 weeks due to licensing and purchasing requirements.  If the software is being requested for installation on an academic space computer, please submit your request by the dates below.

Fall Semester Requests: July 1st
Spring Semester Requests: November 1st
Summer Semester Requests: March 1st

Software Process

Information Services & Technology (IS&T)

  • User submits Software Request form. Attach any documents such as VPAT, licensing agreement, etc. If user does not have required documentation for ADA Compliance and/or security, IS&T will reach out to the vendor and request it. A contact is very helpful if available.
  • When all required documentation for ADA Compliance and/or security, is received, it is uploaded to the form and moved to the next IS&T reviewer.
  • If required documentation is not received within five business days of the request by IS&T, the form is software is routed to the IS&T reviewers to determine if the software may be used.
  • If the software is NOT approved by IS&T due to ADA compliance or security issues, the requestor will be notified via a Solution Center ticket.
  • If the form is approved by IS&T, the form moves to Business Affairs for review.

Business Affairs

  • This process includes working with legal on contract language, vendor negotiations, confirming State, Federal & IRS compliance, as well as ensuring the vendors are set up as an approved vendor.
  • If there is any portion of the contract that involves using the University’s logo or referencing the University, approval from the Director of Public Relations will be required to ensure compliance with the University’s established branding standards.
  • If the software is NOT approved by Business Affairs, the requestor will be notified by Business Affairs.
  • If the software is approved by IS&T and Business Affairs, the requestor will be notified via automated email from Dynamic Forms.
  • Software requests are not finalized and marked as complete until a fully executed contract is received by the University, vendor is setup and all required documentation is received.

This process is only to approve the software. The appropriate procedure through Business Affairs should be followed to purchase the software or to pay an invoice.  Once the software is purchased, if installation requires IS&T assistance or if installation needs to occur on a UM classroom, please submit a Solution Center ticket.

Required Documentation (if applicable)

Below you will find information regarding the required documentation for software.

Information Services & Technology (IS&T)

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)

Software or website subscription vendors must provide a VPAT demonstrating ADA compliance. This is required to meet Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requirements as well as the university’s agreement with the Office of Civil Rights. A completed VPAT must be uploaded when submitting the Software Request Form.  A blank VPAT and instructions for completing the VPAT may be accessed from the link below.

Section 508 VPAT Template

Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements no. 16 (SSAE16) or Equivalent

If the software collects Human Subjects Research, Institutional Review Boards (IRB) data, Credit Card Numbers, Payment Card Industry (PCI) data, Protected Health Information, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) data, Employment Information, Human Resource (HR) data, Financial Information, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Social Security Number (SSN) /Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Identity Theft Protection Committee (ITPC) information, or other regulated data, a completed SSAE16 or equivalent is required of the vendor.

Business Affairs

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Addendum

If the software collects Academic data protected under FERPA, a FERPA addendum is required of the vendor. A blank form may be accessed from the link below.

FERPA Addendum

State Disclosure Form

The State requires this information to be obtained on a yearly basis (at a minimum), as well as with any payment in excess of $5,000.

University of Montevallo Contract/Terms and Conditions Stipulations

A contract, licensing agreement or terms and conditions are required and must be approved by the CFO/Treasurer. The University of Montevallo Contract/Terms and Conditions Stipulations contains information regarding what the university may not agree to and the legal cites. This document may be sent to vendors when requesting terms or licensing agreement. A contract, licensing agreement or terms and conditions must be uploaded when submitting the Software Agreement Form.

  • The Vendor will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the University and its officers, employees, and trustees from and against claims, suits, judgments, and damages arising out of Vendor’s acts or omissions in the negligent performance of the services provided in this agreement. This clause shall survive the termination of any contract. University is a state institution and cannot waive sovereign immunity. (See U.S. Const. Amend XI; Ala. Const. Art. I §14).
  • The University will not indemnify a private party. (See Ala. Const. Article IV, §93 and Ala. AG Op. 2007-048).
  • The University will not agree to pay another party’s attorney’s fees.
  • The agreement shall be governed by the internal laws of the state of Alabama, without regard to its conflict of law provisions thereof. The exclusive forum in which a claim can be asserted against the University is the State of Alabama Board of Adjustment. (See Code of Alabama §§41-9-74).
  • The University is tax exempt and a certificate of tax exemption can be provided upon request. The University does not pay interest on fees.
  • The University will not accept liquidated damages clauses or limitation of liability clauses.

The document may be accessed from the link below.

UM Contract Stipulations

Software Purchase/Download Form

To request approval to purchase or download software, please submit the Software Form below. Submitting your software request by or before the dates above does not guarantee approval. Once the Software Request Form is submitted, it will move through the automated workflow and approval process.

Software Form

Apple App Installation Form

If the software is Apple App Installation Form to be used exclusively on an iPad, you do not need to complete the Software Request Form.  Please complete the Apple App Installation  Form below.

Apple App Installation Form

Information Services & Technology Project Intake Requirement

Some software may meet the criteria that will require a project intake form prior to submitting the software request form.


New software costing $20,000 or more, requires a Project Intake form to be submitted and may require more project related documentation.

Software Type

New Enterprise software that will be used campus wide, software that will need to pull information from any current UM systems (i.e. Banner or other) or software in any part or as a whole that will add or modify an existing UM webpage (i.e. code, plug-ins, etc.) requires a Project Intake form to be submitted and may require more project related documentation.

Technician Hours

Software implementations that will require more than 40 technician hours, requires a Project Intake Form to be submitted and will require collaboration with an Information Services & Technology project manager.

To submit a request for a new project, please see information and form on the IS&T Projects page,