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Information Services & Technology

IS&T Projects

All IT project requests should be submitted using the IS&T Project Intake Form. Projects can be defined as new solution requests, significant enhancements to existing systems, or anything that may take a significant amount of Information Services & Technology’s time and for which there is currently no workaround. Most larger projects will be reviewed and prioritized by the Technical Advisory Committee.

IS&T Project Intake Form

To clarify when you would use the Project Intake Form vs. submitting a Solution Center ticket, please see the table below.

Submit a Project intake form for:
Submit a Solution Center Ticket for:
Significant enhancements or changes to a current system Something you already use that is not functioning correctly
Requests for a new system or new functionality for an existing system Software that is reporting an error
Any work that isn’t already “In Plan,” might require over 20 hours
of effort to complete, or might involve new expenditures
Faulty equipment
New account or account access request
General technology questions


VDI Update Harman Lab

  • Replace Thin Clients and update virtual desktops for Harman Computer Lab.
Datacenter Refresh

  • Update Data-center hardware, software and environment
Main Street Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Installing Wi-Fi on Main Street from the High School to City Hall.
Active Directory

  • Update the feed for employee and student accounts to Active Directory.
2018 Computer Refresh/Deployment

  • Annual Replacement of Computers – This year it will consists of those whose asset tags begins with 500.
Successful Student Profile

  • A project for the Director of Student Success to create a reporting profile of successful students. The profile will be dynamic, allowing the Director to alter profile visualizations and create ad-hoc reports. The profile will be able to show historical trends for students.
Patch Management Update

  • Develop a patch management system with a documented plan.
Automated Systems Inventory

  • Develop a fully automated single source of truth to inventory all servers and publish the results to SharePoint.
Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Update existing recovery plan in case of a disaster.
Banner 9 – Ellucian Solution Manager (ESM)

  • Implementation of Ellucian Solution Manager (required for Banner 9). This will allow UM to deploy Banner upgrades and patches more efficiently and timely.
Classroom Asset Audit

  • Audit all classrooms and labs to record technology in use, tag items that are missing asset tags, and remove items that are no longer in use.
TRS Reporting for TALC

  • Develop and implement the required feeds to the Teacher Requirement Systems of Alabama utilizing their new reporting requirements.
Banner 9 – Self-Service Applications

  • Implement the following Banner 9 self-service applications: Registration, Student Advising Profile, Online Requisitions, and Employee Profile.
Banner 9 – Ethos Identity Services (EIS)

  • Implement Ethos Identity Services for use with Banner 9. EIS allows for single sign-on to Banner.
Ellucian GO Update

  • Upgrade Ellucian Mobile to version 5.2.0. The upgrade allows Mobile to support iOS 10.0 and 11.0 and support Android 4.3 through 8.
Campus fiber upgrades

  • Installing single mode fiber optic cable to all buildings on campus.
Data Governance Security Program 32%
Diagram Data Center Layout

  • Create a diagram of the Data Center layout and Cabinet contents.
ADA Compliance-Captioning

  • Creation of Captioning Plan for live streaming on campus. Technical aspects, ADA requirements and pricing are currently being researched and cataloged.
Performing Arts Center Classroom, Fiber, A/V and Theatre Technology Design

  • This project is the design and implementation work for PFAC with all related technology design and implementation.
Digital Signage Upgrade/Standardization

  • This project is designed to look at possible solutions to consolidating the myriad of digital signage solutions we have in place around campus.
Sophos Console Update

  • Update the Sophos Enterprise Console to the current version (v. 5.5.0).
Convert Morgan 202 to VDI

  • Convert Morgan 202 Classroom from desktop computers to VDI.
Centralized Print Management

  • Managed print service, under which all Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) and some network desktop printers will be replaced and supported by vendor, to include swipe to release printing.
Migrate Exchange to Office 365

  • Develop and execute a plan to relocate exchange email system to Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud email system.
Classroom Upgrades 2018

  • Upgrade select classroom to transitional or standard classroom.


Active Directory upgrade to 2012 R2

  • Upgrade of Active Directory from 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 Upgrade and reconfigure DHCP servers to 2012 R2 fail over/high availability.
Computer Management Software

  • Select and implement software for computer and classroom technology management in academic spaces.
SCCM Upgrade

  • Upgrade System Center Configuration Manager to the current version (2016) and resume use of the service.

To view additional projects information, click on 2018 IS&T Current Projects.

Last Updated 08.06.18