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Information Services & Technology

IS&T Projects

Project Definition
A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.  A project differs from a service ticket in the following areas:

  • A project usually takes more than 40 person-hours of work and coordination among multiple departments.
  • A project is unique and has not been done in the past; it has a single combination of resources, cost, schedule and objectives. A service ticket however is not unique and can be replicated in its description and solution.
  • Service tickets tend to focus on current, immediate needs, while projects include future needs, significant enhancements or changes to a current system.
  • A project has a well defined scope, while service tickets have reduced and specific objectives.

Project Intake Process

IST Project Intake Process

The IS&T Project Scoring Rubric will be used to score the project.  Prior to submitting the IS&T Project Intake Form, we recommend you use the template to score your project.  Two factors that will score the project higher are project funding and alignment with the strategic plan and university mission.

IS&T Project Scoring Rubric

Most larger projects will be reviewed and prioritized by the Technology Advisory Council. To submit a request for a new project, please use the IS&T Project Intake Form below.

IS&T Project Intake Form


Computer Management Software

  • Select and implement software for computer and classroom technology management in academic spaces.
Windows Server 2003 Decom

  • Decommission all remaining Windows Server 2003 virtual machines.
Digital Signage Upgrade/Standardization

  • This project is designed to look at possible solutions to consolidating the myriad of digital signage solutions we have in place around campus.
Banner 9 – Admin Pages  91%
Campus fiber upgrades

  • Installing single mode fiber optic cable to all buildings on campus.
Upgrade Recruit from 4.8.1 to 5.1 87%
Classroom Upgrades (2018-2019)

  • Upgrade select classrooms to transitional or standard classroom during the 18-19 fiscal year.
Penetration Testing – External Network 87%
Computer Imaging Software

  • Implement a computer imaging software in order to save time and be more efficient during the annual computer deployments.
Upgrade Evisions Products

  •  Upgrade all Evisions products to the current versions.
COE Recruit Modification

  • The project will break down each college of education portfolio supplemental item that is viewed by prospects on the Web Front End during the application process and add custom daily emails.

Plagiarism Detection Software For Canvas


Sophos Console Update

  • Update the Sophos Enterprise Console to the current version (v. 5.5.0).
Falcon Print

  • Managed print service, under which all Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) and some network desktop printers will be replaced and supported by vendor, to include swipe to release printing.
Banner 9 – Ethos Identity Services (EIS)

  • Implement Ethos Identity Services for use with Banner 9. EIS allows for single sign-on to Banner.
Active Directory upgrade to 2016

  • Upgrade of Active Directory from 2008 R2 to 2016. Upgrade and reconfigure DHCP servers to 2016 fail over/high availability.
Banner 9 – Self-Service Applications

  • Implement the following Banner 9 self-service applications: Registration, Student Advising Profile, Online Requisitions, and Employee Profile.
Faculty Annual Reporting/Tenure & Promotion Software

  • Select and implement a web-based software for Annual Faculty Advising Reporting and Tenure & Promotion
Center for the Arts Classroom, Fiber, A/V and Theatre Technology Design

  • This project is the design and implementation work for all related technology design and implementation.
Ellucian GO Update

  • Update Ellucian Go version 5.2.
Splunk POC Alabama OIT

  • Update Ellucian Go version 5.2.
2019 IS&T Controls Audit

  • Compile all documents required for the IT Controls Audit.
Event, Calendar and Space Management System

  • Select and implement a campus wide web-based software for Event Scheduling, Calendar and Space Management.
Two-Factor Authentication

  • Implement two-factor authentication.
Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution

  • Implement a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that allows the University to increase mobile device security and better manage mobile labs across campus.
Accommodation Management System

  • Select and implement software that allows prospective students to upload their disability documentation, make requests online, which will allow for faster, more accurate creation of accommodation letters.
Document Management System

  • Select and implement a campus wide web-based solution for document management/imaging.
Classroom Upgrades (2019-2020)

  • Upgrade select classrooms to transitional or standard classroom during the 19-20 fiscal year.
Degree Audit System

  • Select and implement a campus wide degree auditing system.
SCCM Upgrade

  • Upgrade System Center Configuration Manager to the current version (2016) and resume use of the service.
2020 Computer Refresh/Deployment

  • Annual Replacement of Computers – This year it will consists of those whose asset tags begins with 700.

To view additional projects information, click on 2019 IS&T Current Projects.

Last Updated 11.12.19