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Second Round of Tryouts–League of Legends eSports Team

Saturday, April 27th
University of Montevallo
Strong Hall Room 126
Montevallo, AL
11am: Registration
12pm-3pm: Let’s play!

League of Legends – eSports at the University of Montevallo

eSports at the University of Montevallo featured on Channel 13 – View Coverage here:  Channel 13 Highlights Head Coach Brendan Beal and UM eSports

eSports is the fastest growing sector of competitive play in the world.   In 2014, eSports boasted 205 million participants and viewers and that is growing by 21% a year. By 2015 the League of Legends championship viewership exceeded that of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  We believe offering a competitive eSports platform at UM allows students who are passionate about gaming a great opportunity to pursue their goals and degrees simultaneously.

Recruiting Passionate Gaming Enthusiasts

UM is starting a new competitive eSports team in the Fall of 2019.  We are currently recruiting League of Legends players who are looking to achieve a college degree while pursuing their passion of competitive gaming.  The goal is to field a varsity team that will compete not only in one-off tournament play, but also  within conference play against other colleges and universities.

Head Coach & Key Advisor: Brendan Beal

picture of Dr Brendan Beal

Dr. Brendan Beal serves as the Key Advisor to the UM eSports Team. He has spent the last five years in eSports as a DOTA 2 player and consultant on the pro-amateur circuit. He has passion for games and has attended The International (the biggest prize-money of any eSports tournament in the world) the last two years. He hopes to provide the chance for students to compete, learn team-building skills, and earn a college degree while playing the games that they love.

Inquire about eSports here

eSports Interest Form


Common Questions

Can I receive scholarship funding if I earn a spot on the UM team?  Scholarship funds may be available for competitive players considering both their position on the eSports team and academic achievement.  More details will be released soon.

Is League of Legends the only title UM will play?  No, the eSports development team is actively considering other titles from which to field varsity teams.  Your participation by filling out the interest form here will assist us in selecting those titles.

Will the team have a coach?  Yes, the plan is to have coaching for the eSports team available for play starting in the Fall of 2019.  More details to be released soon.

Will I be a part of the athletic community as an eSports team-member?  Yes, eSports is governed by the NACE, which UM plans to participate in, not the NCAA. However, UM will likely position eSports within the department of athletics, along with other NCAA Division II sports.

I am interested in learning more, how can I get in touch with the eSports development team?  You can fill out the eSports recruiting interest form here: eSports Interest Form.

A member of the development team will reach out to you.  You can learn more about the University of Montevallo here: University of Montevallo Admissions

Also, you can apply to the university or schedule a visit by clicking the buttons at the bottom of this page.