Veteran and Military Affairs

Frequently Asked Questions

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

Q: Is the University of Montevallo a Principles of Excellence school?

A: The University of Montevallo is a proud participant in the Principles of Excellence Program. For further information on this program, please use this link:

Q: Does The University of Montevallo waive application fees for military connected students?

A: The University of Montevallo on campus undergraduate programs waive the required application fee for veterans.

Q: If I am a dependent student using Post 9/11 GI Bill® how do I pay for my Housing?

A: As a student you are required to pay for University Housing. Your Basic Housing Allowance will be direct deposited monthly. For more information see GI Bill®.  The VA will not pay the University directly for housing regardless of which benefit you use. If you live on campus, the Cashier’s Office offers a payment arrangement service that will allow you to pay for on-campus housing monthly. If you receive a monthly stipend directly to you from the VA, you may use that to pay for housing on or off campus, but housing is your responsibility to pay.

Q: If I am a veteran do I have to live on campus my first year?

A: No

Q: How do I transfer my federal benefits to The University of Montevallo?

A: You need go to and click “Apply for benefits” and then click VONAPP. There you will fill out a 22-1995, which will change over your benefits. Please print a copy of this application because you will turn in this information to our office. Next, you should sign-up for Orientation. We will be there with the additional paperwork to start your benefits.

Q: What is an Award Letter?

A: The Award Letter (referred to as Certificate of Eligibility) is an official written notice from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) sent to the student.  The Award Letter will provide the monthly rate of payment, the inclusive dates of payment, and remaining entitlement at the end of each award period. This information is needed to fill out an Advising Worksheet each semester.

Q: Can I use my Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits to Student Abroad?

A: Students under the Post 9/11 GI Bill® provided the Study Abroad Program applies to the student’s degree program, including electives, VA will pay all customary tuition and fees that an on- campus, stateside student would pay, (e.g., health fee, lab fees, etc.). VA will not pay fees directly related to Study Abroad such as a transportation fee generally air fare, room, board, etc. Please contact the Falcon Success Center in order to find what programs will allow you to use your benefits.

Q: Can I receive Post 9/11 and an ROTC Tuition Scholarship at the same time?

A: You can be certified for Post 9/11 while receiving ROTC Scholarship but The University of Montevallo cannot submit tuition and fees for the same semester that you have the ROTC Scholarship.

In this case:

  • MHA would pay out.
  • The Book Stipend would pay out.
  • No Tuition & Fees can be submitted.
  • ROTC pays the tuition through the ROTC Tuition Scholarship.

Q: Can I receive college credit for my military training?

A: Yes. The University of Montevallo recognized ACE recommendations on the Joint Services Transcript. We also award credit from the Community College of the Air Force and Air University transcripts. You should have an official copy of any military transcripts sent to UM. The Registrar’s Office will evaluate the credit and recommendations for applicability to UM and may award up to 45 semester hours.

Q: What documents do I need to submit to UM to use my benefits?

A: Refer to the Documentation for Veteran Benefits page.

Q: When will I receive my VA stipends?

A: All monthly stipends are paid at the end of each month of enrollment. Sometimes the stipend arrives at the beginning of the next month. Keep in mind that partial months are paid at a prorated rate. The VA does not pay for breaks in between semesters (such as the break between fall and spring).

Q: If I drop a course after the drop/add period, how does that affect my Federal VA benefit?

A: If you drop a class, withdraw from all classes, or are dropped due to non-attendance or non-payment, the VA may ask you to repay the funds you received for the dropped class and/or classes. If you feel you have extenuating or ‘mitigating’ circumstances for dropping the class or withdrawing, you may appeal to the VA.

Q: What if I am called to active duty or required training? What if I need to start the semester late? Or leave early?

A: Refer to UM’s Military Withdrawal Policy.

Q: What if my CHAMPVA says I need an enrollment form to keep my health insurance?

A: Enrollment verifications are completed in the Registrar’s Office, second floor, Palmer Hall. They have the CHAMPVA verification form and can complete it while you wait.

Q: Are there any student employment or work study positions available for student veterans?

A: The Veteran and Military Affairs office offers part time jobs through the Veterans Administration for those students that are receiving VA GI Benefits and are enrolled ¾ time. Contact Traci Crenshaw by e-mail at for more information.

Q: If I have military benefits paid to UM will I receive a refund?

A: Once payment have been received by UM from the military, if you have received any additional aid, you will be refunded up to the amount of other aid.

Q: My benefits have not paid to UM and I need to purchase books, how can I purchase them?

A: If you have other aid pending from Student Aid Office and it creates a credit, it will be sent to B&N for you to charge your books. If any issues please contact Cashier’s Office at (205) 665-6065. OR if you are an ALGI recipient please submit your schedule to B&N and inform them you are a recipient. Voc Rehab recipients you will have a stipend to charge your books sent to B&N from your VR Counselor. Please note: If you are an ALGI recipient you must charge only books that relate to your schedule, any other books/material you will be expected to pay out-of-pocket.

Q: Will I be dropped for non-payment or will I incur a late fee if my VA funds have not been paid to UM?

A: Upon registration please contact your VA rep at UM to inform them of your benefits to start your authorization process. Once your authorization is given to UM the amount expected to be paid will be applied toward your student account balance. If you owe a difference out-of-pocket from the balance that has been authorized by the VA you are expected to pay this difference by payment deadline. If not, your account may have a late fee applied and/or potentially be dropped for non-payment.

Q: Will I have to complete the ANGEAP application for Fall, Spring and Summer terms?

A: Yes, students should complete the ANGEAP application for each semester separately after registering for classes. The first section will fully be completed and signed by the student.

Q: Who do I submit my ANGEAP application to?

A: Each student will submit the application to the Student Aid Office here at the University of Montevallo. Once received the institution completes section two of the application, and will submit the application.

Q: When will I know if I am approved after submitting my ANGEAP application and how will I be notified?

A: The students’ Education Service Officer (ESO) will sign and certify the student is an active member in good standing with the Alabama National Guard and is eligible to receive these benefits. Once the Alabama Commission of Higher Education (ACHE) receives the application from the students ESO, their correspondence on the approved ANGEAP amount will be sent to the student’s email listed on the application as well as to the corresponding institution.

Q: What if I submit my ANGEAP application, but I’m not approved for the maximum allowed amount?

A: ANGEAP, the Payer of Last Resort, will cover only the remaining balance of tuition and instructional fees that are not otherwise covered by other aid received by the student.  Grants, scholarships, federal and state VA benefits paid directly to the institution for tuition purposes are to be used first.

Q: What is ANGEAP allowed to pay towards on my student bill?

A: ANGEAP will reimburse for tuition and instructional fees only, but it may not be for the full tuition and fees amount. This can vary for  Books and supplies are not covered.

Q: Will I be dropped for non-payment or penalized for not having the ANGEAP payment sent through ACHE until the end of the semester?

A: Generally no, only if there was a remaining balance after the approved ANGEAP amount. Payment will be sent directly to the institution at the end of each semester.