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Undergraduate Summer Rate Schedule

2018 Undergraduate Summer Rate Schedule

Summer 2017 Undergraduate Rate Schedule

Tuition (per credit hour)

In-State Undergraduate $379.00
Out-of-State Undergraduate $788.00

Required Fees

Facilities Usage Fee – one time fee charge for summer $35.00
Facility Fee $5.00 per credit hour
Student Activity – one time fee charge for summer $60.00
Administrative Services Fee $6.00 each term
Health Services $30.00 each term
Green Fund $2.00 each term
Technology Fee $16.00 each term
Residential Maintenance Fee (required of all students residing on campus) $16.00 each term
Online Course Fee $75.00 per course

Other Course Related Fees

Music – Private Lesson (per semester 30 min class) $65.00
Music – Class Lesson (per semester) $50.00
Art Course Fees (required of students enrolled in the following classes)
May Term: Photograph: Historic Processes (CRN 50178) $50.00
May Term: Graduate Photography I (CRN 50179) $50.00
May Term: Spcl Tpcs: Studio (CRN 50189) $75.00
May Term: Spcl Tpcs: CNS Imaging (CRN 50185) $75.00
Summer I: Advanced Drawing: Large Format (CRN 50186) $40.00
Summer I: Graduate Portfolio (CRN 50191) $40.00
Summer II: Spcl Tpcs: Sculpture WoodWorking (CRN 50182) $75.00
Summer II: Spcl Tpcs: Studio (CRN 50194) $75.00
Communications Fees (required of students enrolled in the following classes)
MC 210: Intro to Media Production (CRN 50059) $20.00
MC 255: Media Writing Fundamentals (CRN 50060) $20.00