Tuition, Housing, and Board Rates

Board Options

Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 Board Options (per semester)

Required of on-campus residents as follows:
• Brooke, Hanson, Lund, Main, Napier, Ramsay, and Tutwiler (Board required)
• New Hall and Peck (Board required for Freshman, optional for others – Mandatory Commuter Meal Plan will be required instead)
• Note: To make board plan changes or cancellations, please speak or email Housing Office at 205-665-6235 or You may review the board plan changes or cancellation rates here.

Choose One of the Following Options:

Residential Unlimited – Unlimited Meals/per term + 100 Flex Dollars $1,810.00
Residential (15) – 15 Meals/Week + 150 Flex Dollars $1,701.00
Residential (10) – 10 Meals/Week + 250 Flex Dollars $1,591.00
Res 200 Block – (Juniors & Seniors Only) 200 meals/term + 150 Flex Dollars  $1,577.00

Falcon Foods Meal Exchanges

Did you know that a certain number of your food plan meals can be exchanged for the daily special meal at Pita Pit? Depending on the food plan you’ve purchased, you have a number of meals allocated for use at Pita Pit. In the event you prefer to use those meals in the dining hall, simply tell the cashier you wish to redeem a Pita Pit meal for a CAF meal. On the GET app, your balance will only show the residential (CAF) meals available, but the Pita Pit meals are there. So, if you’re on the R10 plan, each Sunday you will receive seven CAF meals and three Pita Pit meals, but only the CAF meals are displayed on the GET app at this time. Below are the specifics for each meal plan offered:

Weekly Plans:

  • Residential Unlimited plans have five meal exchanges per week
  • Residential 15 plans have five exchanges per week
  • Residential 10 have five exchanges per week

Block Plans:

  • Residential 200 Block plan has 18 exchanges per semester
  • Commuter 300 plan has 25 exchanges per semester
  • Commuter 150 has 15 exchanges per semester
  • Commuter 85 has seven exchanges per semester
  • Commuter 40 has three exchanges per semester

Falcon Flex Points

Would you like to know where you may use your Falcon Flex Points? Please click here.