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Cashier's Office

Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Rate Schedule


Fall 2017: August 21 – December 08
Spring 2018: January 10 – May 05


Tuition (per credit hour)

In-State Undergraduate $391.00
Out-of-State Undergraduate $812.00
In-State Graduate $412.00
Out-of-State Graduate $881.00


Undergraduate Fees

Fees assessed to all undergrad students (per semester)

Student Activity $60.00
Health Services $90.00
Facilities Usage $35.00 + $5 per credit hour
Green Fund $5.00
Technology Fee $50.00
Online Course fee (per course) $75.00
Administrative Services Processing Fee $20.00


Graduate Fees

Fees assessed to graduate students based on program (per credit hour)

English Program Fee $50.00
Speech Pathology Program Fee $100.00
MBA Program Fee $100.00
Counseling Program Fee $75.00
Education Program Fee $75.00
Health Services (optional for Grads) $90.00


Rooms (per semester)

Residential Maintenance Fee (on campus only per semester) $50.00


Main, Napier, Hanson, and Tutwiler (Board Required)

Double Occupancy $2381.00
Single Occupancy (Main, Hanson, Tutwiler) $2852.00
Double Occupancy (Private) $4762.00


Brooke, Lund, and Ramsay(Board Required)

Double Occupancy $2764.00
Double Occupancy (Private) $5528.00


Peck(Board required for Freshman, optional for others)

Triple Occupancy $2186.00
Double Occupancy $3280.00
Private Occupancy $6558.00


New Hall (Board required for Freshman, optional for others)

New Hall $3928.00


Board (per semester)Required of on-campus residents as indicated above (choose one)

Required of on-campus residents as indicated above (choose one)

5-meal plan/week   +  350 flex dollars $1375.00
10-meal plan/week +  200 flex dollars $1375.00
15-meal plan/week +  150 flex dollars $1375.00
19-meal plan/week +  100 flex dollars $1375.00


Mandatory Commuter Meal Plan (per semester)

200 flex points $200.00
Required of all full-time undergraduate students that do not have a board or optional meal plan
Charge will be billed to student account soon
Note: This plan may be upgraded to a choice of the optional commuter meal plans stated below.
More flex points may be purchased through Chartwells by clicking here


Optional Commuter Meal Plans on per term basisAvailable for students not required to have a Board plan

300 meals + 50 flex dollars $1,600.00
150 meals + 75 flex dollars $960.00
75 meals + 100 flex dollars $600.00
50 meals + 75 flex dollars $435.00
25 meals + 50 flex dollars $240.00
  • All optional commuter meals plans are subject to change.
  • Optional Commuter Meal Plans are non-refundable and cannot be changed after drop/add deadline. (some exclusions may apply)
  • Additional bonus points may be purchased via and are subject to terms and conditions specified on Chartwells website.
  • To enroll in commuter meal plan, please visit Cashier’s Office and complete an Optional Commuter Meal plan form. (Charge will be billed to student account soon).


Other Fees

Music – Private Lesson –  per credit hour $65.00
Music – Class Lesson – per credit hour $50.00
Audit (per credit hour) $25.00
Parking Decal $35.00
Orientation Fee (one time) $85.00
Late Payment(assessed if payment is not received by payment deadline day) $50.00

Housing Deposit (one time paid with initial application) $100.00
Partial Payment Plan Fee (per semester) **paid to Ecashier ** $40.00

Fall 2017

August 21, 2017: Payment deadline for Fall Semester by 5 p.m.
August 21, 2017: Classes start
August 25, 2017: Last day for refund for dropped course(s) and to change campus meal plans
December 4-8, 2017: Final exams

Spring 2018

January 10, 2018: Payment deadline for Spring Semester by 5 p.m.
January 10, 2018: Classes start
January 16, 2018: Last day for refund for dropped course(s) and to change campus meal plans
April 30 – May 4, 2018: Final exams