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Cashier's Office

Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Rate Schedule


Fall 2017: August 21 – December 08
Spring 2018: January 10 – May 05


Tuition (per credit hour)

In-State Undergraduate $391.00
Out-of-State Undergraduate $812.00
In-State Graduate $412.00
Out-of-State Graduate $881.00


Undergraduate Fees

Fees assessed to all undergrad students (per semester)

Student Activity $60.00
Health Services $90.00
Facilities Usage $35.00 + $5 per credit hour
Green Fund $5.00
Technology Fee $50.00
Online Course fee (per course) $75.00
Administrative Services Processing Fee $20.00


Graduate Fees

Fees assessed to graduate students based on program (per credit hour)

English Program Fee $50.00
Speech Pathology Program Fee $100.00
MBA Program Fee $100.00
Counseling Program Fee $75.00
Education Program Fee $75.00
Health Services (optional for Grads) $90.00


Rooms (per semester)

Residential Maintenance Fee (on campus only per semester) $50.00


Main, Napier, Hanson, and Tutwiler (Board Required)

Double Occupancy $2381.00
Single Occupancy (Main, Hanson, Tutwiler) $2852.00
Double Occupancy (Private) $4762.00


Brooke, Lund, and Ramsay(Board Required)

Double Occupancy $2764.00
Double Occupancy (Private) $5528.00


Peck(Board required for Freshman, optional for others)

Triple Occupancy $2186.00
Double Occupancy $3280.00
Private Occupancy $6558.00


New Hall (Board required for Freshman, optional for others)

New Hall $3928.00


Board (per semester) – Required of on-campus residents as indicated above (choose one)

Required of on-campus residents as indicated above (choose one)

5-meal plan/week   +  350 flex points $1375.00
10-meal plan/week +  200 flex points $1375.00
15-meal plan/week +  150 flex points $1375.00
19-meal plan/week +  100 flex points $1375.00


Mandatory Commuter Meal Plan (per semester)

200 flex points $200.00
Required of all full-time undergraduate students that do not have a board or optional meal plan
Charge will be billed to student account soon
Note: This plan may be upgraded to a choice of the optional commuter meal plans stated below.
More flex points may be purchased through Chartwells by clicking here


Optional Commuter Meal Plans on per term basis – Available for students not required to have a Board plan

300 meals + 50 flex points $1,600.00
150 meals + 75 flex points $960.00
75 meals + 100 flex points $600.00
50 meals + 75 flex points $435.00
25 meals + 50 flex points $240.00
  • All optional commuter meals plans are subject to change.
  • Optional Commuter Meal Plans are non-refundable and cannot be changed after drop/add deadline. (some exclusions may apply)
  • Additional bonus points may be purchased via and are subject to terms and conditions specified on Chartwells website.
  • To enroll in commuter meal plan, please visit Cashier’s Office and complete an Optional Commuter Meal plan form. (Charge will be billed to student account soon).


Other Fees

Music – Private Lesson –  per credit hour $65.00
Music – Class Lesson – per credit hour $50.00
Audit (per credit hour) $25.00
Parking Decal $35.00
Orientation Fee (one time) $85.00
Late Payment(assessed if payment is not received by payment deadline day) $50.00

Housing Deposit (one time paid with initial application) $100.00
Partial Payment Plan Fee (per semester) **paid to Ecashier ** $40.00

Fall 2017

August 21, 2017: Payment deadline for Fall Semester by 5 p.m.
August 21, 2017: Classes start
August 25, 2017: Last day for refund for dropped course(s) and to change campus meal plans
December 4-8, 2017: Final exams

Spring 2018

January 10, 2018: Payment deadline for Spring Semester by 5 p.m.
January 10, 2018: Classes start
January 16, 2018: Last day for refund for dropped course(s) and to change campus meal plans
April 30 – May 4, 2018: Final exams