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John Burling

John Burling is a professor of psychology in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS) at the University of Montevallo.  He earned his bachelor’s degree at Indiana University at South Bend in 1980 and his master’s degree and doctorate in experimental social psychology from the University of Arizona in 1986 and 1988, respectively.

Burling spent much of his childhood exploring the wetland wildlife of his native Indiana. This led to an intense interest in the sciences from an early age, eventually resulting in his earning a doctorate. Since joining the faculty in 1992, Burling has been consistently involved in undergraduate research at the University of Montevallo. He has worked with undergraduate students on more than one hundred psychology research studies, nearly all of which have been presented at local, regional or national conferences. In addition, he maintains an ongoing research and scholarly interest in an area of social psychology known as “terror management theory.” Burling has a variety of interests ranging from psychology to zoology, herpetology to solar technology and others.

Burling has routinely taught several classes while a psychology faculty member at the University of Montevallo, including Introduction to Psychology and classes on descriptive statistics, inferential statistics and experimental psychology, social psychology, biopsychology and individual research.