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Annual Fund

“Why should I give?”

  • For the Next Generation

    When you came to Montevallo, you found a place unlike any other. A beautiful place where education was a product of creativity, inspiration, introspection, and exploration. Where people encouraged you and challenged you to think bigger, work harder, and be more. Where those that had gone before you paved the way—not just philosophically, but financially as well.

    They gave so that you could thrive; so that you could receive an exceptional liberal arts education with affordable tuition. And now, young, world-hungry seekers like yourself need you to do the same.

  • For Yourself

    Your degree is more than just a tool for advancement in the professional world; it’s a reminder of old friends, new perspectives, awakened ambitions, and dreams come true. But when you invest in the future of Montevallo, your contributions allow us to continue bringing the best and brightest students and faculty into the fold, improve our curricula and programs, and establish our national and global presence.

    The value of your degree can only grow. The education that already means so much to you will mean even more with the generous support of alumni and friends like yourself.

  • The Phonathon

    The Phonathon is one of several ways that we keep in touch with Montevallo alumni and friends throughout the year. The UM Phonathon Call Team consists of students who reach out to alumni to update contact information, share stories about Montevallo’s past and present, keep alumni informed about upcoming events, and ask for financial gifts to the University. If you’ve ever received a call from Montevallo right in the middle of dinner or your favorite TV show, that was more than likely the Phonathon Call Team—sorry for interrupting your dinner, by the way! But our callers are eager to talk with you about updates to our beautiful campus and about how your donations can make a difference in their lives and in the lives of future students.

Annual Fund Chairpersons

  • Image of Marcus Kennedy, '07

    Marcus Kennedy, '07 — Alumni Chair

    Marcus is a native of Birmingham, AL. He graduated from John Carroll High School and then came to the University of Montevallo in the Spring of 2003. Marcus served in various leadership roles on campus, such as FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) during his junior and senior year. He also played basketball for four years at Montevallo and after graduating in 2007 with a BBA in Marketing, Marcus began his professional basketball career in Luxembourg, Europe for 6 years. In May of 2013, Marcus relocated back to Birmingham and is now a Realtor at Arc Realty.

  • Image of Dr. Harry Hamilton

    Dr. Harry Hamilton — Faculty Chair

    Associate Professor of Management

    Dr. Hamilton currently serves as the Associate Professor of Management and has been with the University for 32 years. He has also serves as the Faculty Athletic Representative.

  • Image of Ms. Sharon Gilbert, '86, '89

    Ms. Sharon Gilbert, '86, '89 — Staff Chair

    Director of Upward Bound

    Sharon currently serves as the Director of Upward Bound and has been with the University for 22 years.

License Plates

  • Show off your UM pride with a customized license plate!

    Take the University of Montevallo with you everywhere you (and your car) go with a collegiate license plate! Not only is a Montevallo tag a great way to display your school spirit, but it’s also a great way to show your support of our wonderful University.

    The cost of the Montevallo tag (either pre-numbered or personalized) is $50 above the usual cost of a tag for your vehicle, and of that additional $50, $48.50 is returned to the University of Montevallo in the form of scholarship assistance. Montevallo tags are available to all Alabama residents, so remember to ask for one when it’s time to renew yours.

  • Join us in the Montevallo Car Tag Club!

    Already have a Montevallo license plate?

    If you already are a proud UM car tag holder, then join the Montevallo Car Tag Club! It’s easy to do. Once you’ve purchased your Montevallo car tag (or each time you renew your old one), simply snap a quick photo and send it, along with your contact information (name, class, address and phone number/email), by email to Kimberly Hunter.

    Photos can also be mailed to the address below. (Please note that photos will not be returned.)

    University of Montevallo
    University Advancement & Alumni Affairs
    Station 6215
    Montevallo, AL 35115