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Theatre Season – Student Auditions

Fall 2013 Theatre Season Audition Requirements

Please note we are auditioning for our productions of Adam Bock’s THE THUGS (directed by Marcus Lane) and the musical INTO THE WOODS by James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim (directed by David Callaghan; music direction by Laurie Middaugh). Auditions are open to all majors on campus and call (205) 665-6210 for further information.

You must present a monologue to be considered for either production (no longer than 60 seconds). If you are NOT a theatre major, a monologue will be available at the auditions. For Into the Woods, you must also sing and attend the dance audition—vocal audition requirements below. Thanks!

Sign up times for monologue auditions and vocal auditions will be posted on the callboard in the stairwell of Reynolds Hall, near the main office.

UM Theatre: Fall 2013 Play Audition Schedule

  • Tuesday, August 27th

    Monologue Auditions, 6:30, Reynolds Theatre

  • Wednesday, August 28th

    Monologue Auditions, 3:30; Vocal Auditions for Into the Woods starting at 7:00 pm at Reynolds Theatre

  • Thursday, August 29th

    • Callbacks for The Thugs, 3:30..Chi-Box Theatre
    • Dance auditions for Into the Woods, 6:45; followed by scene callbacks for Into the Woods at Reynolds Theatre
  • Friday, August 30th

    • Vocal callbacks for Into the Woods, 7:00 at Reynolds Theatre
    • UM Theatre—Auditions for INTO THE WOODS, Fall 2013

    Please direct any questions to Dr. David Callaghan.

Audition Guidelines

  • Vocal Auditions

    Please prepare a song cut no longer than 3 minutes. Do NOT sing a song from Into the Woods, but you can present a song from another Sondheim show (songs from other musicals are welcome too). We prefer that you bring sheet music to the audition (not required for non-musical theatre majors). Laurie Middaugh, Musical Director, will be the accompanist at the auditions.

  • Vocal Callbacks

    1. We would like to hear the following selections for each character at callbacks. Please note that this might be adjusted closer to the auditions.
    2. Jack’s Mother: “Act I Opening, Part I,” m. 12-33
    3. Wolf: “Hello, Little Girl,” m. 17-37 and 65-77
    4. Little Red Riding Hood: “I Know Things Now”
    5. Jack: “Giants in the Sky”
    6. Cinderella’s Prince/Rapunzel’s Prince: “Agony”
    7. Rapunzel: “Rapunzel,” m. 7-10
    8. Baker’s Wife: “It Takes Two,” m. 64-end and “Moment in the Woods”
    9. Baker: “It Takes Two,” m. 3-32 and 64-end; “No One is Alone, Part II,” m. 1-41.
    10. Cinderella: “On the Steps of the Palace,” m. 1-55; “No One is Alone, Part I”; “No One is Alone, Part II,” m. 1-41; “Opening, Part I,” m. 72-89.
    11. Mysterious Man: “No More,” m. 32-76.
    12. Witch: “Stay With Me”; “Last Midnight” (original version in score); m. 88-end.