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Theatre Season – Student Auditions

Fall 2014 Theatre Season Audition Requirements

We are auditioning for two fall productions; God of Carnage  and the musical Cabaret. Call 205-665-6210 or e-mail Dr. David Callaghan at with any questions.


  • Unless you are a technical/design theatre major, performance theatre majors must present a memorized monologue audition (60 seconds)
  • All theatre students are welcome to audition for CABARET, but it is only required for musical theatre majors
  • Students from any major on campus are welcome to audition for GOD OF CARNAGE or CABARET
  • You must sign up for an appointment time for a monologue and a vocal audition for CABARET on the callboard in the stairwell of Reynolds Hall
  • Monologues for non-Theatre majors ONLY will be provided at the auditions, although try and memorize one if possible
  • For CABARET vocal auditions, prepare a short 16 bar musical theatre selection and our preference is that you bring sheet music. We will allow non theatre majors to sing a’ capella without sheet music. An accompanist will be present at the auditions.
  • To be cast in CABARET, you must also attend the required dance audition.

UM Theatre: Fall 2014 Play Audition Schedule

  • Monday, August 25

    7:00 p.m., Reynolds Theatre: Monologue auditions (60 seconds)

  • Tuesday, August 26

    7:00 p.m., Reynolds Theatre: Monologue auditions (60 seconds)

  • Wednesday, August 27

    5:15 p.m.—vocal auditions, CABARET (recommended: prepare 16 bars of a traditional Broadway musical theatre song).

  • Wednesday, August 27 (evening)

    Vocal callbacks, CABARET, immediately after vocal auditions conclude (cuts provided in advance).

  • Thursday, August 28

    4:15 p.m.-6 p.m., Reynolds Theatre—dance auditions or scene callbacks for CABARET

  • Thursday, August 28

    7:00 p.m., Chichester Theatre—callbacks for GOD OF CARNAGE

  • Friday, August 29

    3:45 p.m., Reynolds Theatre—scene callbacks for CABARET

  • CABARET Callback Audition Vocal cuts

    1)   “Wilkommen”—m.3-26 and dialogue through m. 51

    2)   “Sitting Pretty”—m. 9-72


    1)   “Why Should I Wake Up”? m. 49—end only


    1)   “Don’t Tell Mama”-m. 4-32

    2)   “Cabaret”-m. 67-end


    1)   “So What”? m. 72-end

    2)   “What Would You Do”?


    1)   “It Couldn’t Please Me More”—m. 18-80

    2)   “Meeskite”-m. 99-end


    1)   “Tomorrow Belongs to Me Reprise”-m. 2-41


    1)   “Tomorrow Belongs to Me Reprise”—from “both” entrance to “all guests”