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Communication Studies

B.A./B.S. Communication Studies

Communication Studies is a core liberal art that provides training in the skills required by today’s employers. The science of interpersonal and group dynamics, effective communication in business and industry, and the art of persuasion and social influence are emphasized in Communication Studies.

In addition to completing the General Education core, the Communication Studies curriculum requires 37 credit hours. A total of 130 credit hours is required to graduate.

Degree Requirements

Scholarship Information

  • Minor: Communication Studies

    The minor in Communication Studies requires 18 credit hours including COMS 140, 141, and electives approved by a Communication Studies advisor.

  • Minor: Public Relations

    The minor in Public Relations requires 21 hours including MC 200, COMS 220, COMS 140, and elective approved by a Communication advisor.

    PR Minor Checksheet