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BFA Student Exhibitions

BFA student exhibitions at the University of Montevallo provide practical hands-on experience through the completion of ART 491: BFA Exhibition Seminar, which is required of all BFA art students. Students are mentored throughout the exhibition process and are responsible for all phases of the exhibition, including: selection of work; preparing and submitting an exhibition proposal presentation, installation and de-installation; publicity; and a reception.

The BFA exhibition is the final requirement of the BFA degree and is a summation of work completed at the University of Montevallo. A well–presented exhibition serves as the foundation of a quality portfolio for graduate school and job applications. BFA student exhibitions are 2-3 person shows and are scheduled at the end of the student’s final semester.

BFA Student Exhibitions

Michael (Jack) Bonds, Kala Dunaway, Lindsay Dyess,Carolyn Fain, Cara Hatcher, Tenisha Hicks, Rosalie Holcombe, Amy Lewis,Elizabeth Minyard, John Nicholson, Austin Self, Marie Smyly.

  • Austin W. Self, Student Exhibition, 2011

    Austin W. Self, Student Exhibition

  • BFA exhibition by Elizabeth Minyard, 2011

    BFA exhibition by Elizabeth Minyard

  • Art Gallery, John Nicholson BFA exhibition, 2011

    Art Gallery, John Nicholson BFA exhibition

  • BFA exhibition by Michael J. Bonds, 2011

    BFA exhibition by Michael J. Bonds

  • BFA exhibition by Amy Lewis, 2011

    BFA exhibition by Amy Lewis

  • BFA exhibition by Rosalie Holcombe, 2011

    BFA exhibition by Rosalie Holcombe

  • BFA exhibition by Tenisha Hicks, 2011

    BFA exhibition by Tenisha Hicks

  • BFA exhibition by Carolyn Fain, 2011

    BFA exhibition by Carolyn Fain

  • BFA Exhibition by Carolyn Fain, 2011

    BFA Exhibition by Carolyn Fain

  • BFA Exhibition by Lindsay Dyess, 2011

    BFA Exhibition by Lindsay Dyess

  • BFA Exhibition by Cara Hatcher, 2011

    BFA Exhibition by Cara Hatcher

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