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  • Minor in Art

    The art minor is available to any student with interest and ability in art.

    Students are required to take 21 Art credit hours with Art 112: Drawing I, Art 122: 2-Dimentional Design and Color or Art 132: 3-Dimentional Design, and Art 219: Art History II required.

    Four additional courses are selected to meet students’ interest and should be approved by the department chair. Art minors may pursue a specific area in depth or take a variety of introductory studios.

    Contact Prof. Scott Stephens for more information.

  • Minor in Arts Administration

    The Arts Administration minor requires 21 hours and balances classroom instruction with hands-on work on department productions and activities. Experiential learning with arts organizations in nearby Birmingham is also encouraged. Course requirements encourage students to explore the relationship between arts and culture, communication, business, public relations and finance, as well as the needs and challenges facing the contemporary entertainment industry.

    Students will be prepared to work in a variety of arts and theatre settings in various administrative capacities. The minor at UM can be combined with a performance emphasis degree to expose a theatre student to a wider variety of career options and provide a versatile range of skill sets to enter the profession.

  • Minor in Art History

    The Art Department offers a minor in Art History, which is open to students of all majors. The Art History curriculum supports the BFA, BA and BS programs by fostering an understanding of the historical, philosophical and social conditions of visual culture. Courses are offered in all periods of western art and architecture. Advanced classes in art theory and criticism are also offered.

    The art minor requires 21 credit hours. Required courses include: ART 112: Drawing I, ART 122: Two Dimensional Design and Color or ART 132: Three Dimensional Design, and ART 219: History of Art II. Four additional courses are selected from 300- and 400-level art-history courses and approved by the department Chair.

    Contact Dr. Kelly Wacker for more information.