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Creating masterpieces in all three dimensions.

The sculpture program offers a range of traditional techniques and processes, and introduces non-traditional and experimental approaches to three-dimensional form. Three-Dimensional Design and Introduction to Sculpture provide the foundation experience.

  • Advanced Courses

    Advanced courses include Sheet Metal Fabrication, Wood and Stone Carving (including modeling from the human figure), Metal Casting (students cast bronze, aluminum, and glass), and Environmental Installation. Portfolio is an opportunity for advanced students to focus on individual problems and develop a related body of work prior to the senior show. Occasional special offerings have included Furniture Design, Equipment Design, and Public Art (learning the process of preparing a maquette and proposal for a public sculpture).

  • Facilities

    There are four sculpture studios plus a classroom in the 3-D Complex. These include a wood shop, metal shop, foundry preparation studio, carving studio and glass studio. The wood shop is equipped with industrial quality tools. The metal shop includes full range of metal fabrication tools. The casting facilities include a foundry for melting aluminum and bronze, a jib crane, lost wax investment, ceramic shell and resin bonded casting systems, sand blasters, and large annealing kilns for glass casting. In addition to the major equipment listed above, a full array of hand and power tools, including air tools is available to support the program. The department also owns a large capacity forklift.