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Printmaking at Montevallo offers an introduction to the discipline for all students and is one of our areas of concentration for art majors with a special interest and ability in printmaking.

The introductory class explores monotypes, woodcuts, and etching while encouraging development of art ideas based on foundations experience in drawing and design.

  • Advanced Courses

    The advanced classes are offered in a regular rotation and may be taken in any order: Intaglio, which explores copperplate etching; Relief, for large-format carving-based prints using our 44 by 84 inch Takach press; Lithography, which focuses on hand-drawn aluminum plates; and Screen Printing, which uses photo-emulsions for hand, photographic and computer generated work printed on paper and fabric.

    The final class for the printmaking concentration is Portfolio, where students develop a related body of work. The program encourages personal growth as an artist while gaining technical control of the various print media.

  • Curriculum

    Students who concentrate in printmaking are encouraged to take classes in advanced drawing, photography, and digital printing to develop innovative approaches in printmaking. Digital, photo-mechanical, and large-format techniques are available for all the print processes.

    Students completing the concentration may pursue graduate-level work in studio and art education to work as artists, master printers, and teachers or enter commercial printing fields.