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Graphic Design

Visually shaping the world around us.

The graphic design program at the University of Montevallo offers many diverse opportunities in the field. Designers inform, educate, influence, persuade and provide a visual experience that impacts our daily lives by using art and technology to communicate vital messaging.

Designers have opportunities to work in both small or large environments like advertising, publishing, packaging, web design, interactive or multimedia, environmental design and other related fields.

  • Curriculum

    The graphic design curriculum enables students to learn and master the technical skills and creative and analytical thinking needed for success in the field. This foundation of knowledge translates into competitive portfolios, strong presentation skills, and an understanding of professional practices. The Graphic Design student may pursue the Bachelor of Art (B.A.)Bachelor of Science (B.S.), and Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A.) degrees. In order to fully develop and prepare for professional practice, the BFA is strongly encouraged.