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Life Raft Debate

Thursday, October 10th, 20137:00 PM
Thursday, October 10th, 20139:30 PM
Palmer Auditorium – View Campus Map ›
Michael Patton

That’s right—on Thursday, October 10th the University of Montevallo will host the 16th Annual Life Raft Debate at 7:00 pm in Palmer Auditorium.  In the debate, six panelists take the stage, each arguing that his or her discipline is the one most useful in rebuilding society.  Oh, did I forget get to mention society needs rebuilding?  Oh—well, you see, there’s been some sort of catastrophe that has nearly destroyed the human species.  The lucky ones in the audience have scored a seat on the last life raft heading out to try to rebuilds it all.  Well, not all of it.  We’ll leave out whatever blew
it all up, if we can figure out whatever that was.

This is where the faculty come in:  they’ll all have their theories about what cause the disaster and how they will be able to prevent it from recurring.  In the end, the audience will vote for the
person who made the best case, after which that lucky should will be spared and the others will face a watery grave.

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO:  Nominate a faculty member you’d like to see on the panel.  Just send me a email telling me who you’d like to see in this intellectual cage match and then pressure whomever you’ve chosen to accept the nomination.  Faculty members can nominate each other or themselves and, again, you need to be sure to pressure your nominee to accept the nomination.  Some people get stage fright, but they have a duty to overcome it to save the world.

So mark your calendars and nominate your champion!  I’ll see you dockside on October 10th!

For more information about the debate go to www.liferaftdebate.com.