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Kinesiology is the study of human movement, and knowing how to maximize our kinetic efficiency is a crucial component of our health and well-being. From biomechanics and strength and conditioning to sports psychology and physical/occupational therapy, UM’s Kinesiology Department offers state-of-the-art resources and a close faculty relationship to promote success in an increasingly important field. This department is one of the true hidden gems of UM.


  • Health Promotion

    At its heart, the science of Kinesiology is all about advocating health and wellness. That’s why UM offers a focused concentration in Health Promotion. A wide variety of courses – from First Aid and Prevention to Exercise Physiology to Pharmacology – are provided in order to educate students in a number of kinesthetic disciplines and train them for a variety of graduate school and career opportunities within this field, including but not limited to physical and occupational therapy.

  • Nutrition and Wellness/Dietetics

    Kinesiology is about more than just our mechanics and movements; it’s also about how we fuel our bodies in order to do the activities that we love. UM’s Nutrition & Wellness program takes you to the beginning of the kinesthetic timeline in order to emphasize a healthy diet and proper nutrition. We can all learn to eat a little bit better, and after graduating from this program, you’ll be well prepared to help others in this practical and essential field. In addition, those students who have exceptional grades are eligible for admission into our accredited program in Dietetics, which is the best route toward becoming a Registered Dietician in the state of Alabama.

Finish-in-Four Plans


A non-teaching minor with a minimum of 18 hours in Kinesiology is available. Students should consult the Bulletin for more information.