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Exercise and Nutrition Science (EXNS)

Our program is one of few in the country that combines exercise and nutrition sciences in a single degree. We offer unique opportunities to fine-tune your career pathway through specialization in Allied Heath, Health Promotion, Nutrition and Wellness (Dietetics), or Strength and Conditioning. Because the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a faster than average job growth rate for exercise, health, and nutrition fields for through the year 2024, we feel confident that our majors are prepared for rewarding careers and advanced educational and training opportunities.


  • Allied Health

    With a heavy focus on science courses along with study in areas like exercise physiology and testing, biomechanics, and pharmacology, the Allied Heath concentration prepares students with a variety of graduate school and career opportunities. With the job market for physical and occupational therapists remaining strong for the foreseeable future, this concentration is a good fit for those interested in the science of exercise and human movement. Students will complete an internship in settings that allow them to apply their learning in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine facilities.

  • Health Promotion

    At its heart, exercise and nutrition science is all about advocating for health and wellness. That’s why we offer a focused concentration in Health Promotion. A wide variety of courses – from Personal Health to Sports Nutrition and Health-Fitness Management—prepare students for careers in community health and recreation facilities, senior wellness programs, fitness programming, public health, and rehabilitation.  This concentration includes an applied internship opportunity in the student’s field of interest

  • Nutrition and Wellness/Dietetics

    Recognizing that biomechanics and exercise science are directly affected by how we fuel our bodies, our Nutrition & Wellness concentration provides the opportunity to study the components of a healthy diet and proper nutrition. Students who earn exceptional grades are eligible for admission to our accredited program in Dietetics; the best route toward becoming a Registered Dietician in the state of Alabama

  • Strength and Conditioning

    The strength and fitness industry is ripe with opportunities for those who have developed the experience, knowledge and skills to lead individuals and organizations discover and maximize their physical potential. It is a practical concentration that prepares our students to meet industry standards as researchers, educators, strength coaches, personal trainers, and other roles in related fields.  An applied internship opportunity is tailored to meet the student’s future career goals.”

Finish-in-Four Plans


A non-teaching minor with a minimum of 18 hours in Exercise and Nutrition Science is available. Students should consult the Bulletin for more information.