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Teacher Education Services

The central theme of the Teacher Education Program at the University of Montevallo is Educator as Developing Professional. The idea is that we are never finished products. As professionals, we are continually growing along a continuum from novice to expert. Through our degree programs we gain knowledge, skills, and dispositions that lead to greater expertise. Again, we are never finished products. The true professional will always seek opportunities for growth.

TEP Handbook

  • Admission

    Admission to the University of Montevallo does not qualify an individual for admission to the Teacher Education Program. In order to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program, candidates must first meet specific requirements — click here for TEP requirements. Students normally apply to TEP during the first semester of education courses. Consult with your advisor to plan your program. TEP applications are available at the link below and also in Wills 207. Please note that fulfillment of the TEP application requirements does not assure admittance to the Teacher Education Program. The  TEP application process varies by program area. Candidates should check their individual Alt-A evaluations for their specific TEP requirements.

    Click here for interview dates.

  • Teacher Education Committee

    The initial Teacher Education Program at the University of Montevallo is governed by the Teacher Education Committee (TEC) – an autonomous body comprised of teacher education faculty, arts and sciences faculty, fine arts faculty, public school personnel and student representatives.  The TEC meets four times each year to make decisions regarding curriculum, policies, and procedures that affect all teacher education programs.


     Teacher Education Committee Members 2016-2017

     Teacher Education Committee Change Proposal Form

  • Driving Directions

    For directions to the University of Montevallo from Birmingham or from Montgomery, click here

    Below are directions to find Teacher Education Services when you arrive on campus.

    Visitor Parking: Enter campus through the brick columns off Oak Street. Turn almost immediately to the right at Palmer Hall. Visitor parking is available in the large lot to the right of Palmer Hall.

    Wills Hall: From the visitor parking lot walk around or past Palmer Hall, and toward the large bronze statue of hands (the “Becoming” statue). Wills Hall is on King-Harman Street which runs left just beyond the statue. Facing Wills Hall, we are immediately to the right of the old water tower and immediately to the left of Bloch Hall.

    Teacher Education Services: Second floor Wills Hall, Room 207