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Malone Center

Malone Center for Creative Teaching, Learning & Technology

UM’s College of Education is committed to state-of-the-art resources and exemplary teaching and learning, and one of our finest examples of that commitment is the Malone Center for Creative Teaching, Learning & Technology. This high-tech academic center is intended to support advancements in teaching and learning and promote the exploration of new learning spaces and active, learner-centered pedagogies.

Malone Center for Creative Teaching, Learning & Technology Website


The Malone Center is fully outfitted with everything that today’s best-prepared education students need for success now and in the future.

  • The Malone Center’s services include

    • Workshops and training for effective and innovative teaching and learning in a wide range of technology-enhanced environments.
    • Training and support for online course design, development, and assessment.
    • Training and support for student e-portfolio creation and management.
    • Black & white and color photocopying and printing.
    • Production resources including three Ellison letter machines, a laminator, an opaque projector, paper cutters, a spiral binding machine, glue, rubber cement, markers, and crayons.

    The Malone Center’s resources and facilities are available through reservation.

  • Resources Include

    • A digital café learning space including a laptop bar, small-group work areas with LCD monitors and laptop ports, mobile whiteboards, a 55” LCD monitor, and an open student lounge.
    • A materials collection that houses approximately 12,000 print and non-print instructional resources and supplies, including textbooks, professional and reference books, children’s literature, big books, instructional and educational videos, assistive technology and multicultural and special education collections.
    • 2 computer labs
    • 8 multimedia classrooms
    • Videoconferencing/distance learning classrooms
    • Video editing and podcasting suite
    • 30-unit iPad cart
    • Flip video cameras
    • Digital cameras
    • Ultra-portable document camera
    • Portable podcast recorders
    • Laptop computers
    • Kindle eReaders
    • LCD projectors
    • Headset microphones