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University Program Council

Because college is MORE than just classes.

University Program Council is responsible for organizing the social events of the campus. It allows members of the student body to enjoy themselves outside of class where they can relax and enjoy their college experience. Some events are more than just entertainment; they are outlets for expression and information opportunities on issues of the world, state, and campus.

UPC is here for the sole purpose of the students. College is a place to gain more knowledge, but UPC is here to help you relieve some stress every now and then. You can change the atmosphere of Montevallo by participating and enjoying yourself.

How can I become involved with the UPC?

  • UPC consists of 30 members. We will have open positions in the fall, and we will be accepting applications and conducting interviews. If you are interested in joining UPC, download a UPC Application and turn it in to the Student Life Office. There are specific times during the year that UPC selects new members, but feel free to turn in an application at any time in case there is an opening.

    Make college life what YOU think it should be!

2016-2017 UPC Coordinator