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Health & Wellness

If you want to study hard, play hard, and maximize your overall college experience, you have to make sure you’re living well.

Maintaining your physical and mental health is crucial, and that’s why UM provides a number of resources to help you maintain your health and wellness. With a dedicated staff providing medical and counseling services for students and their families, and programs like Safe Zone working to foster a safe and respectful environment on campus, you can rest assured that UM will make every effort to help you stay healthy and focused.

  • Student Health Services

    Student Health Services provides direct, basic medical care for undergraduates, covered by a mandatory health fee. It also serves as a referral source for students needing care beyond that available on campus. Graduate students may elect to pay the health fee to access services provided.

    Student Health ServicesRedirect

  • Counseling Services

    Staying healthy isn’t always about your physical state. If you’re looking for personal counseling on any issue—from stress and anxiety to depression and eating disorders to career services—we’re here to take care of you.

    Counseling Services 

  • Disability Support Services

    Disability Support Services works with enrolled students who have a wide variety of diagnoses and concerns, including chronic medical, sensory, learning, orthopedic, emotional, ADHD and Autism Spectrum. Please contact us by phone or email, or just stop by the office so that we can help you more effectively access and participate in all the academic and social aspects of Montevallo.

    Disability Support Services