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Environmental Club

When we say that our third color is Green here at UM, we mean it.

Environmental Studies encourages its students to go beyond the classroom and learn through hands-on activities. The Environmental Club works to come up with ways to maintain sustainability on campus, throughout the community and across the globe. Focuses range from educating the student body on our food production system and its widespread impact to implementing various sustainability outlets throughout the campus.

  • Purpose

    The UM Environmental Club works to educate Montevallo students and the surrounding community about solutions which improve the environmental stability of our society. Of late, our focus has been the implementation into university structure that promotes avenues for making ethical energy consumption, food practices, and funding for the green enterprise. We also work to improve the student body’s understanding of our food production system and its impacts on our environment, health, and economy. To this end, we have been creating a community garden where students and community members can reconnect with food.