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Once you have been officially accepted as a UM Falcon, you are ready to apply for campus housing.

There are a few things you will need with you in order to complete your application:

  • A credit or debit card to pay your $100 housing deposit
  • Your UM ID number

Also, be prepared to rank your residence hall preferences and to complete a brief personal data survey to assist with roommate matching. If you are requesting a roommate, you may provide that information on the application.

Microfridge Rentals

  • Microfridges will be available for rental beginning Monday, June 5th at 9AM.

    Only a limited number of microfridges are available, and they are reserved based upon the date the contract and payment are submitted online. Only 1 microfridge unit may be reserved per room. The charge will be refunded for the 2nd payment received for the same room.

    Rentals are first come first serve and may be rented by clicking the link below.

    Microfridge Rental – Opens June 5th