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Technology Services

The Department of Technology Services provides integrated technology and training for convenient, interactive, and seamless access to a dynamic learning and service environment for constituencies worldwide while maintaining a local identity.

We ensure that students, faculty, and staff, as well as the extended community, have convenient access to institutional resources through technology-enabled environments. Our overriding goal is the use of technology to expand both access to and the scope of academic programs by assisting faculty in the creation of technology-enhanced offerings and capabilities.

A help desk is available to provide assistance to University of Montevallo faculty, staff, and students with their technology-related issues and requests as well as after-hours support for system outages.

The Technology Services Department provides direct support to University-owned computers. Computers owned by students are not supported. Students needing assistance should contact the manufacturer of the device. Limited troubleshooting assistance is available to students for network connectivity issues.

Computer Resources Acceptable Use Policy

Use of University computing resources is a privilege extended to authorized students, employees, alumni, and other individuals for legitimate purposes related to education, public service, research, and administration. By using any University computing resource, the user agrees to abide by all applicable laws, copyright and licensing requirements, and University policies.

Users of University computing resources further agree not to utilize those resources for illegal, malicious, or destructive purposes or intentionally damage or disrupt any University computing resource or process.

Failure to comply with these regulations will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to restitution, restrictions, reprimand, suspension, probation, expulsion, termination, and legal or civil action.

Additional restrictions may be imposed by the department providing access to computer resources.

For additional information regarding the appropriate and authorized use of University computing resources, please see the University of Montevallo Computing Guidelines.

  • Administrative Computing

    The Administrative Offices of the University of Montevallo use computers as their main source of gathering information for the operation of the University.  The Administrative Computing pages provide tips and other information to help them with their work.