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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research at Montevallo is a strong component of the educational process.

All students, from freshman to seniors, are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of research projects. Students who participate in research are given the opportunity to travel to national conferences all over the United States to present their work. Research at Montevallo not only prepares students for the future but instills confidence in all who participate.

For example, Charles Holloway, a senior Chemistry major, thought research would be boring or mundane until he began a project on thin films during his junior year. This research experience was a huge revelation for him.

“For me, looking at my results for the first time and knowing that my data, this newly found piece of information, could further our knowledge in an area of science is an indescribable experience.”

Charles is going to pursue his Ph.D. in chemistry after he returns from a summer research program in Germany.

Gina Morse has always wanted to be a high school biology teacher. Her independent research project was on phytoremediation—uptake of arsenic in plants. Gina is still going to be a high school biology teacher, but now she is excited about adding research to her curriculum, so all students can understand this source of knowledge.

These are just two of many successful experiences our students enjoy through research.

  • Undergraduate Research Application Submission Dates

    HASRC forms due to the Human and Animal Subject Research Committee March 20, 2017
    Undergraduate Research Proposal for Summer 2017 Projects Due by 5:00 pm

    Undergraduate Research Proposal for Fall 2017 Projects needing approval from the Human and Animal Subjects Research Committee Due by 5:00 pm

    April 21, 2017
  • Undergraduate Research Advisory Council Members


    Dr. Mary Beth Armstrong, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

    Dr. Jim Connell, Associate Professor of Business, Michael E. Stephens College of Business

    Dr. Sally Hardig, Chair and Associate Professor of Communication Studies, College of Fine Arts

    Dr. Ruth Truss, Chair and Professor of History, College of Arts and Sciences

    Consulting: Dr. Jenifer Williams, Chair of Human and Animal Subjects Research Committee