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English, M.A. Graduate Requirements

For the Master of Arts in English, students will select, in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies in English, a total of 30 semester hours of graduate courses.  The courses must be taken in the English department unless deemed appropriate by the Graduate Director, and it is required that six of these hours should be taken in graduate seminars (English 590).  However, students are encouraged to take as many sections of the graduate seminar as possible.

Additionally, students must enroll in English 500 (Introduction to Graduate Studies) during the first fall semester of graduate study.  Any exception must be approved by the department.  The remaining 6 hours of the degree are earned by a Master’s Thesis and are directed by a student’s chosen thesis advisor.

Note: A student’s advisor may deem it necessary extend these hours by one semester (3 additional hours) if needed.  No more than three additional thesis hours may be granted. At the end of the program, each student will present their thesis in a public defense before members of their advising committee and the department at large.  If the thesis and defense are not judged to be acceptable by the thesis committee, the degree will not be granted.