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Sociology is the study of human societies and social behavior. It is both a science and a perspective. As a science, Sociology applies a wide range of formal methodologies to investigate the relationship between and among individuals, groups and societies. As a perspective, Sociology helps enable us to view our society and other societies critically and objectively. Through Sociology we find that what we often think of as “common sense” is, in fact, neither common nor sensical. Sociology students may also be interested in the Human Services Minor.

Students are often uncertain about what they can do with a degree in Sociology. Many believe that Sociology is an interesting field but not a practical one. Nothing could be further from the truth. Individuals with degrees in Sociology may find employment in a wide variety of fields including business and commerce, social services, education, government, research, marketing, journalism, health services, and many others. Sociology as an academic pursuit allows students to develop critical analysis skills including problem solving, concept modeling and writing. These are the skills most in demand and most rewarding in the ever-competitive job market of the global economy. Sociology students may also be interested in the Human Services Minor.

  • Minor

    The Sociology minor consists of SOC 101 and at least 15 additional hours in sociology.