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Social Science

The University of Montevallo is pleased to offer a major in Social Science consisting of courses in Sociology, Political Science, History and Geography.

Montevallo’s Social Science Program is cross-disciplinary and offers you a broad exposure to a liberal arts education. Students develop judicious thinking through the study of society, politics, history and geography.

Junior and senior level courses are taught in small classes that promote class discussion. Individual attention is given to you by a highly qualified and diverse faculty.

Students majoring in Social Science have a wide variety of exciting career options from which to choose. Social Science is an excellent pre-professional degree with many graduates choosing to continue their education at law school or in education. The program offers you excellent preparation for graduate school in any of the core disciplines (Sociology, History, Political Science, and Geography).

As a Social Science major, you can look forward to a wide array of high paying careers where it is highly desirable that a person is able to use problem solving skills, careful judgment, creative writing and critical thinking.

Why Social Science at UM?

    • Multi-disciplinary: Students take courses in geography, history, political science, sociology, and economics.
    • Junior and senior level courses are taught with limited class sizes, promoting class discussion and individual attention.
    • Emphasis is on communication, research and critical thinking skills.
    • Courses prepare students to be informed citizen leaders
    • Career opportunities in education, law and academia abound.