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Shaniese Cooper ’11

DSC_1039Current title:

Knowledge Operations Manager

Military branch:

Air Force

How did Montevallo affect your military career choice? 

I have wanted to join the armed forces every since taking JROTC in high school. However, I decided to go to college over joining the military. There were a few panels that I attended as a McNair Scholar where the panelists mentioned that the military was a part of their journey and/or an option upon graduating college. I felt like it was the right path for me to take toward the beginning of my senior year.

Words of wisdom:

Current students should:

  1. Go to class and complete all assignments. Not doing so is a complete waste of whoever’s money is going toward that student’s education.
  2. Not take out more loans or borrow more money than needed. One day all that money will have to be paid back plus interest (if it is not being paid already).
  3. Get involved with some of the groups on campus. It is a great way to meet new people and possibly make life-long friends.
  4. Live on campus if possible. There are some things that people who do not live on campus do not get to experience.
  5. Enjoy themselves. This is possibly the best part of life. Be sure to take pleasure in every aspect it. Time tends to be fleeting.

What was your favorite aspect of Montevallo?

My favorite aspect of the university was the diversity. Even though the university is fairly small compared to other institutions, I met various types of people. Some of whom are still very close to me. It’s a really unique school; it’s one of those places that you would not necessarily want to be but NEED to be.