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Rachel Hendrix ’08

Rachel Hendrix
Hendrix in the TV short “Old Henry.”


Current job:

Bauman Management/self

Recent accolades:
Best Lead Actress (nomination) “Abound” for the 168 Film Festival. Special Achievement Award (win) from the Red Rock film Festival for role in “October Baby.”

Recent activities:
“Mountain Top” (filming) “The Perfect Wave”
“Abound” (Short) “Old Henry” (TV Short)
“October Baby”
“Alumni” (TV Movie)

Words of wisdom:
Extract joy from every detail of discovering how to follow your bliss. Dare to dream big. Everyone has a story, and everyone’s story matters. Rest in the fact that you have purpose and you were created for a reason.


Rachel Hendrix in Abound
Hendrix in “Abound.”


How did Montevallo affect your career choice?
In countless ways, really. I have a photography degree that came from an extensive and unconventional education in both the university classroom with (Karen) Graffeo and (Scott) Stephens as well as the photo lab darkroom through the generous mentoring of Matt Orton (UM director of photography). Both experiences were an education in themselves. I’m convinced I may have been rare case, or it feels that way anyhow, to have had such a one-on-one education in the workplace–where I learned about the technical side of shooting and making a great picture. I will always be grateful for the professors and faculty who bent over backwards for their students and took us under their gracious wings–because more than they loved their job, they loved being artists. You could feel they truly cared about us.

It wasn’t that I ate, slept and breathed photography, even though finals felt like it sometimes, but instead I learned through all the other required art classes that I can dare to be great at many creative things and enjoy being an artist to the fullest. The people around me fanned that flame. Eventually some opportunities came along and I started doing work on the other side of the camera.

What was your favorite aspect of Montevallo?
That’s easy. Pizza in the caf every single day.


Rachel Hendrix
Hendrix in the film “October Baby.”