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Megan Stein ’08

Megan Stein
Current job:


Recent activities:
Directed and starred in “Perfect Timing,” a short romantic comedy that won the Love Fest film festival in Brooklyn in February 2013.

Words of wisdom:
My best advice is to create your own opportunities. If you want to get more film experience or to play a certain type of role, write a short film. Find someone to help you shoot it. Find a space and produce a play. Don’t wait for someone else to hand you that opportunity you want. By all means, go out and audition for roles, but there are so many avenues for young artists to promote their own work now. Also, find talented friends and collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. It always makes your work better.

Who would you like to thank for your success?
I attribute any success I’ve had to the fact that I have an unconditionally supportive family. My father, especially, has always encouraged and supported my love of the arts. He’s the reason I came to love them in the first place, and he’s the person who inspires me to keep going. He doesn’t work in an artistic field, but he loves what he does and is incredibly good at it, which is hugely inspiring. I also owe Dr. Callaghan and Dr. Wood at the University of Montevallo a huge debt of gratitude for shaping me into a well-rounded artist and giving me the self-confidence to embark on a career in this industry.

How did Montevallo affect your career choice?
I know a lot of actors from other college programs, but none are as well-rounded as my friends from UM. We came out of Montevallo with the skills and knowledge to tackle several different roles in the industry, not just acting. We are writers, directors, producers, musicians and designers. This is why I still collaborate and work with several of them here in New York City. I started a production company called PrashNYC with fellow UM alum Carl Conway Maguire and we have produced short films, web series and sketch comedy.

What was your favorite aspect of Montevallo?
The individual attention and availability of professors were invaluable assets. I still email them often if I have a question or want to chat about current projects. The intimate setting of the program helped me to establish relationships with the faculty and fellow students that I will have for the rest of my career.