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Major David Faggard ’00

Current title:

Director of Public Affairs, U.S. Air Forces Central Command and Ninth Air Force

Military branch:

U.S. Air Force

Recent accolades:

I was chosen by the Air Force to command the 1st Combat Camera Squadron, a squadron of 150 war photographers deployed to frontlines around the world.

What aspects of your education at Montevallo prepared you for your service in the military?

They’re too numerous to count. From working with fellow fraternity brothers in fundraising events, to the SGA and Omicron Delta Kappa, Montevallo not only provided a solid education but provided a well-rounded approach to the whole-person concept — a balanced approach that prepares young adults to go out into the world and achieve amazing feats.

Words of wisdom:

Focus on the future. It may seem distant now, but will arrive in the blink of an eye. Focus on friends and family, build networks and help others wherever they may be. Montevallo can prepare you for life’s most stressful situations even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.

Who would you like to thank for your success?

Without a doubt, my wife and best friend Angie. She’s put up with seven moves in almost 14 years in the Air Force — military spouses deserve every ounce of credit for today’s military successes. A few mentors whom stood out on campus include Dr. OJ Carson and Dr. Sam Simone. These two not only took the time to help me develop professionally and academically, they’ve given so much to their departments at the school and generations of graduates throughout the South East. They’re two whom I’d consider helped me get where I am today.

What was your favorite aspect of Montevallo?

Creative freedom — whether in the classroom, as an SGA Senator, through intramural sports or with fraternity life. Montevallo’s holistic approach to life and academics allowed me to build a solid approach to thinking outside the box, a major factor present in military operations. Furthermore, Montevallo provided a heuristic gateway to continue on education at multiple levels throughout my life.