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Dwayne A. Newsome ’99

Current title:


Military branch you work with:

Air Force

Recent accolades:

2013 94th Airlift Wing Company Grade Officer of the Year

My deployed unit was selected as the 2013 Air Mobility Command Large Terminal of the Year

What aspects of your education at Montevallo prepared you for your service in the military?

The quality of education and academic interaction, enabled by the small class sizes and professors that are actually engaged with and vested in students.

Words of wisdom:

Enjoy it while you can, but get everything out of your opportunity! College isn’t just about learning what’s in the book, it’s about preparing you to be successful in life on multiple levels. Get out and experience it. Montevallo offers so much in terms of personal growth opportunities. It’s important that you build your connections, your technical knowledge base in your chosen program and your general knowledge level. There are countless times that I have drawn on something I learned while at Montevallo that I never expected to need.

Who would you like to thank for your success?

Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Rovelstad, Dr. Ryerson and professor Narz — I don’t think there was a better faulty team for student growth and success anywhere.

What was your favorite aspect of Montevallo?

The close-knit campus community. Having been a student at other, larger universities before and since, there is something perfect about the size of Montevallo’s student population, campus and the surrounding population.