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Dana Lake Rozelle, LBSW ’89

Dana Rozelle pic 1Current title:

Domestic abuse victim advocate (DAVA) in the Family Advocacy Program at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia.

Military branch you work with:

I serve all branches of the military that are assigned to the medical facility at Robins Air Force Base.

How did Montevallo affect your choice to work with the military?

UM affected my choice to work in the military because of the role it played in introducing me to my husband, (MSgt) Robert “Skip” Rozelle, Jr (retired). My husband and I met in our freshman year at Montevallo. He left Montevallo after that and joined the Air Force. Because of that choice, I spent the next 21 years following him around while he was on active duty. While on this adventure, I became a contract employee of the military community and went to work in the field of family violence as an advocate for adult victims.

What aspects of your education at Montevallo prepared you for your service in the military?

My career path was launched due to my senior year social work internship in a local homeless women’s shelter in Birmingham called Bread and Roses. I found a passion and drive to work with women’s issues because of this experience. I learned that approximately 75 percent of the population of women in that shelter were there because they were fleeing from domestic violence. Once I left college, I found myself seeking work in the shelter arena and landed my first social work job at a local domestic violence shelter in the town where my husband was stationed in the military. I went on to remain in this career venue by continuing to seek out work with victims of domestic violence in the military community.

Words of wisdom:

Embrace the foundation of experience Montevallo has to offer. No “brick” is too small to build on. Even in the most mundane contact, your future can be decided. Those you meet, the partnerships you form and the experiences you are given all add up to create a solid future and can take you on a journey like you never imagined.

Who would you like to thank for your success?

The person at Montevallo who influenced my professional path the most was Carolyn Bryant in the department of Social Work. She not only guided my education, she mentored my professional development in such a way I still hold close the lessons she shared about how to truly value and respect the choices of self and others. She inspired me to become the social worker I am today.

What was your favorite aspect of Montevallo?

My dearest memories and affections center around College Night. That, above all else, is what makes Montevallo the rare jewel it is. It is a catalyst for life. Within that venue, diversity is embraced, bonds are made, school spirit is at its highest and passion is at its brightest. College Night is the one thing that makes Montevallo different from all the rest.