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Brad Holland ’03

Brad Holland


Current job:
STOMP Performer, NYC Cast (currently swinging 5 roles, 5 to 6 shows a week)

The STOMP Company (Frankel/Green Theatrical Management) for the past 12 years.

Recent activities:
A variety of TV and Radio appearances including “Jimmy Fallon” (w/Paul Simon), “Good Morning America,” “Fox & Friends” and Nickelodeon–to name a few. From 2008 to 2010, I served as the rehearsal director of the North American Tour of STOMP.

Words of wisdom:
Learn to be yourself. Be humble, but remember that confidence and taking chances will change your life for the best.

Who would you like to thank for your success?
My parents for always supporting my dreams to be an actor, artist and musician.

How did Montevallo affect your career choice?
Montevallo has a special theatre program. The smaller class sizes and talented staff allow real growth and attention to your strengths as a performer. Shout out to the inspiring Dr. David Callaghan for recruiting me at a district theatre competition in 1999.

What was your favorite aspect of Montevallo?
Friendships made, my PIKE brothers and College Night. College Night is so unique for theatre students. Putting on a show in one month, writing, set designing, composing, choreographing, acting, producing and directing an original piece of work? It is exhausting but so very rewarding. I know the teachers hate their students being wrecked for that month, but they always get over it. GV!