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Alexis Fuller ’02

Alexis headshot1Current job:
Actress and director of Golden Egg Donation, Inc.

Recent accolades:
Two national commercial spots; two international, independent films; member of SAG/AFTRA; print model national work; vocalist of theme song for reality show.

My four children have also all booked national print work, and my twins have had leads (as babies) on commercials as well as the TV shows “Baby Daddy” and “Parenthood.”

Words of wisdom:
There is so much I wish I had understood about myself and the industry before moving to Los Angeles to take on the entertainment world. I think out of all the little things I could probably write a small book on, there would be one large concept: You have to be completely confident.

That is easier said than done. For many years I did not book many jobs at all. Most of my bookings have resulted from me “not caring.”

I put so much pressure on myself for every single audition. I went into it thinking, “OK! This is it! This is your one shot! If you don’t book this, you will never make it! Your whole life is a waste!” It seems a little dramatic, but, hey, I do have a degree in drama, no?

It took me having children and having a separate business of my own, which in turn gave me internal confidence, to finally start booking acting jobs here and there. I had to realize my capabilities in other areas in my life to finally let go of myself to be a good auditioner. And you have to be a good auditioner to be a working actress!

Who would you like to thank for your success?
I have had so much support along the way. With specific reference to Montevallo, both my departments were absolutely key in my success. I majored in both mass communications and theatre. The professors and staff could not have been more accomadating to my growth as a student–and have continued to be after I moved.

How did Montevallo affect your career choice?
I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I came to college. I am a very goal-oriented person, and I like to stay on track. The largest motivator for my coming to Montevallo at the time was being given a theatrical and academic scholarship. But, after arriving, Montevallo nurtured me, took risks on me and kept me on the track I had chosen.

What was your favorite aspect of Montevallo?
I truly feel the University of Montevallo is one of the best places anyone could have the privilege of attending for a college education.

Its size is a definite positive attribute. To be able to get the personal attention I received daily from all my professors and staff is unbeatable. I could come to anyone anytime with any questions. They were there to help and guide with anything I needed and they truly cared and had a genuine enthusiasm for their job. I think the number one best aspect, specifically for a theatre major, is that the department is small enough to actually get roles in the shows. At larger universities some majors never even get the chance to be in a show! That opportunity is priceless.