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Junior Board of Directors

The mission of the University of Montevallo Junior Board of Directors is to foster interaction between the University of Montevallo and those who have graduated from the University in the past fifteen years.


  • In accordance with the University of Montevallo National Alumni Association’s mission and purpose, the purposes of this board shall be to primarily support the needs and wants of young alumni of the University of Montevallo, and shall include:

    • Serve and support alumni who have graduated from the University within the last fifteen (15) years with programs and activities that are uniquely tailored to their needs;
    • Integrate recent graduates into the Alumni Association;
    • Foster communication between the University and its recent graduates; and
    • Encourage recent graduates to contribute their time, talent, and financial resources to the continued enhancement of the University community.

Junior Board of Directors


  • Image of Julie Harbin '00

    Julie Harbin '00

  • Image of Jeff Purvis '02

    Jeff Purvis '02

    Vice President
  • Image of Jason Booi '04

    Jason Booi '04

  • Image of Tiffany Roskamp-Bunt '00, MBA '13

    Tiffany Roskamp-Bunt '00, MBA '13

    Social Events Chair
  • Image of Rick Casey '00

    Rick Casey '00

    Special Events Chair
  • Image of Lindsey Sherrill '07, MBA '15

    Lindsey Sherrill '07, MBA '15



  • Image of Zach Banks '08

    Zach Banks '08

  • Image of Kristen Dechert '03

    Kristen Dechert '03

  • Image of Kelly Curry '08

    Kelly Curry '08

  • Image of Andrea Echols '12

    Andrea Echols '12

  • Image of Jordan Hutchinson '10

    Jordan Hutchinson '10

  • Image of Kacie Kilpatrick '09

    Kacie Kilpatrick '09

  • Image of Patrick McDonald '01

    Patrick McDonald '01

  • Image of Brandt Montgomery '07

    Brandt Montgomery '07

  • Image of Christopher T. Willis '07

    Christopher T. Willis '07

  • Image of Michael Hill '05

    Michael Hill '05

Not Pictured

  • David Clemons ’03; Joel Harris ’04; Candyce Osburn Hughston ’10; Dan McBrayer ’08; Cedric Norman ’09; Angela Thomas ’05, Jennifer Travis-Scott ’09

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