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Board of Directors


  • Image of Dr. Mike Malone '69

    Dr. Mike Malone '69

    A word from the president

    As president of the UMNAA, I am humbled by those who have served in this position before me. I, like my predecessors, love this university and simply want to give back to the place that sparked my passion for lifelong learning. Serving in this capacity is just one of many ways to continue my loyalty.

    During my presidency, I hope to encourage our fellow alumni to also share what they can of their own time, talents and treasure; in return, I promise to be a good steward of those resources.

    I believe all the necessary pieces and players for achieving our goals are already in place, I must only follow through! I look forward to what this year will bring and can’t wait to share our success.

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  • Image of Laurl Self '94

    Laurl Self '94

  • Image of Jim Methvin '73

    Jim Methvin '73

    Past President/Parliamentarian
  • Image of Wadia Josof '79

    Wadia Josof '79

    Treasurer/VP of Finance
  • Image of Barbara G. Bonfield '58

    Barbara G. Bonfield '58

    Secretary/VP of Directors
  • Image of Keith Shoemaker' 98

    Keith Shoemaker' 98

    VP of Alumni Clubs
  • Image of Warwick Woodall '02

    Warwick Woodall '02

    VP of Alumni Services
  • Image of Jalete J. Nelms '90

    Jalete J. Nelms '90

    VP of Awards/Recognitions
  • Image of Matt Arnold '93

    Matt Arnold '93

    VP of Special Events
  • Image of Toni Leo '89

    Toni Leo '89

    VP of Student Services

Members at Large

  • Image of Barbara Bradford '58

    Barbara Bradford '58

  • Image of Tiffani Humphries '98

    Tiffani Humphries '98

  • Image of Patrick McDonald '01

    Patrick McDonald '01

  • Image of Terra M. Miller '06

    Terra M. Miller '06

  • Image of Megan E. Randolph '06

    Megan E. Randolph '06

  • Image of David Thomas '97

    David Thomas '97

  • Image of Christopher Willis '07

    Christopher Willis '07


  • Image of Dr. John W. Stewart, III

    Dr. John W. Stewart, III

    President, University of Montevallo
  • Image of Rachael Swokowski

    Rachael Swokowski

    President, SGA
  • Image of Julie E. Harbin '00

    Julie E. Harbin '00

    President, Junior Board of Directors
  • Image of Greg Embry '96

    Greg Embry '96

    Director of Admissions
  • Image of Dr. Tracy Payne-Rockco '94, M.Ed. '98

    Dr. Tracy Payne-Rockco '94, M.Ed. '98

    Director of Alumni Affairs
  • Image of Carolyn Miller-Kirby

    Carolyn Miller-Kirby

    Faculty Representative
  • Not Pictured

    Lewis Brooks ’88, Mary Louise Dabbs ’56, Stephanie B. Shaw ’93, Dr. Susan Vaughn ’71, Cornelia W. Watts ’77, Virginia Young ’84, Mary Lou Williams ’69-Alumni Council Representative